Monday, June 26, 2006

That Jimmy Buffett Sure Is A Good Guy

Such were my thoughts a couple of days ago when I read the Drudge Report and saw the headline:
"Buffett To Give Away His Fortune."

Then I realized it wasn't Jimmy, but tycoon Warren.

Still, a nice thing to do.

Then I find out that he is giving his billions to...Bill Gates.

Now, I know I'll never be in a position to give away billions of dollars, but...

Don't you think it's a little ironic that the 2nd richest guy in the world is giving his fortune to the richest guy in the world?

Does anyone else see the comedy here? I mean, he has $37,000,000,000 to give away. He can give it to anyone, anywhere, that he desires.

That's 37 with 9 zeroes. And all he can think of to do with it is give it to one guy? A guy who has an even bigger numeral in front of his 9 zeroes?

What's up with this? There are thousands of charities out there. And he's going to give it all to Bill Gates Foundation?

I'll never understand this world.


Barb the Evil Genius said...

A fool and his money...

Scottius Maximus said...

...end up the property of Bill Gates.

Quipper said...

I think Kieschnick missed the boat with aBLAZE? He only needs to convince one man to part with 0.3% of his estate to hit the goal.

Oops, I forgot, it's about the saved, not the money.

Scottius Maximus said...

Right on, The Quipper.

Pope Jerry should visit these men.