Monday, September 17, 2007

Weekend Thoughts

A packed weekend, so let's get started.

- Design Star is over. The triumph of Kim really shocked me. I do think she did a fine job, especially the last two weeks, but her overall body of work is undistinguished compared to Todd. He nailed it much more than Kim. There is only one possible explanation for this. The "flake" factor, as I was concerned about early on in the program. Todd is too "5th gear full throttle" for most people to get with. A shame, because he could have had a great TV show next year. I wonder how the voting went.

- Now what am I going to do with my Sunday nights? This was too much fun.

- Check out this college football photo, courtesy of Peripetia.

- Who else can't wait to see the first episode of "Kid Nation" this week?

- My two least favorite teams of all time, Michigan and Notre Dame, squared off this weekend. There was only one reason to watch- this one had a heavy carnage factor, and I was glad to see Michigan come out on top. My only question- who put that Notre Dame team together? That's ugly. Could Notre Dame get more totally irrelevant? Gotta love it.

- You'll never see a finer scene in all of sports than the one in Lincoln, Nebraska Saturday night. The crowd, the color, the beautiful field, the home team jumping and bumping at the gate as they readied to rush the field, the excitement in anticipation- it was enough to give one goose bumps. Then they had to go and ruin it by playing that game beyond the 1st quarter.

- Cincinnati has no defense at all, but a great offense. We haven't seen a team like this since the days of the 1970s Denver Nuggets in the NBA.

- Is there anyone funner, or funnier, to watch than Ocho Cinco? He's reason enough by himself to watch football.

- Congrats to the Browns.

- The most ridiculous item of the weekend was those helmets the Steelers wore. They looked like those Lemon Tootsie Pops you would occasionally find mixed in your bag of suckers.

- Tennessee could have such a great uniform if they got rid of the flaming thumb tack helmet and also went back to the original Oilers colors.

- Soldier Field is in ridiculously bad shape again, thanks to soccer. Thanks, soccer.

- The Pack and 49ers are definitely back.

- Houston is quite a nice surprise- they have a nice look to their uniforms. Oh, and the team ain't bad either.

- The Saints sure aren't all they were hyped to be. But they do have nice unis.


Des_Moines_Girl said...

Hey Scottius!

"..The most ridiculous item of the weekend was those helmets the Steelers wore. They looked like those Lemon Tootsie Pops you would occasionally find mixed in your bag of suckers..."

For another sports fashion nightmare, check out Syracuse's new uniforms - prison wear. They look like they should be picking up trash along the highway.

Maybe you should do a post devoted to sports fashion?


Scottius Maximus said...


To the archives!

Your wish is my command!

It's time to update everything anyway! Only problem is, it takes a long time to compile all this stuff, so I haven't done one of these for a couple years. I'm thinking maybe just one team at a time right now.

Des_Moines_Girl said...

Sweet!!! Thanks a bunch! :-)

Scottius Maximus said...


You're welcome.

And I just saw pictures of the Syracuse uniforms. My sides are sore from wretching. Who are these psychos that think up these things? And who green lights them?