Thursday, July 24, 2008

Speaking Of Names

Who started the trend (long ago) to name sports teams after articles of clothing? And why did it die out before we made our way through the whole wardrobe.

There are plenty of Socks (Sox). We have Knickerbockers. But what happened after this?

We just abandoned the idea. And in favor of what? The Heat? The Magic? The Wild? The Thrashers? What kind of names are these?

What about the Columbus Blue Jackets? Was this an attempt to make clothing names fashionable again? Or were they named for this guy?

Sports team names we should have but don't:

Hush Puppies.
Crew Necks.
Bath Robes.


Heck, I'd even settle for Pantaloons.

Just bring back the garment names, please. The possibilities are endless, and far more appealing than the current trend in abstract nicknames.


Barb the Evil Genius said...

Sombreros would be insensitive to Mexicans. :P

Scottius Maximus said...


You're right, I'm sure somebody would take offense. On the other hand, if some groups weren't represented, then they would take offense to that. What a world. You can't please everybody.

TK said...

My husband teaches in the same school district as St. Paul Tartan High School. Lots of plaid there, but their mascot is a Titan. Cool photo:

TK said...

Oooh, I forgot to mention my favorite (or weirdest ever) high school mascot name. The little town of Blooming Prairie, Minnesota has the in the Awesome Blossoms. Yep, flowers for a mascot.

TK said...

I'll set a record for the most replies in the least amount of time. Yikes! I found your true Tartans. Check out the Carnegie Mellon University Athletics website. It was made for you, it seems.

Scottius Maximus said...


The first link connected me to something called rSchoolToday. Couldn't find a Titan.

I'm not sure I'd want to be a "Blossom". Maybe if they were the "Fighting Blossoms" it would be more desirable.

Chalk one up for Carnegie Mellon. How cool is that little scottie dog?

You are on quite a roll! Three replies in 9 minutes is a lot of work- did you have help on this project?