Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Reading

1 Chronicles 9-12.

Rough tournament week last week. My brackets became a disaster. At least my championship pick of UNC holds one more week.

But on a better note, the countdown begins for the start of the baseball season. Seven days to go. Let's whet our appetite with a little Albert rockin' the ballpark. Here is a 2005 season flashback- the glory days of old.

I sure do miss the old Busch Stadium. Despite being a large structure, it had a certain intimacy that the new park lacks. I prefer the enclosed setting. And in this age of look alike parks, there was such a uniqueness and retro look to the old Busch that I'll never get over it being gone.


Elaine Benes said...

I'll loan you my Brockabrella, it always makes me feel better.

Scottius Maximus said...


I always wanted one of those. I'll have to look and see if anyone has one for sale on ebay. What a riot!