Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Reading

1 Kings 9-12.

Yesterday I wore blue. Today I wore green. I chose to do so, realizing someone may notice. It was hilarious the reactions I got. Yesterday, people asked why I wasn't wearing green. Today people asked why I was. I must be confused, disoriented or weird.

As if there is some unwritten rule that, on 3/18, it is a faux pas to wear the color green.

This was quite the successful experiment. I will try to make this a new tradition. From now on for me, it's the wearing of the green on 3/18.


D.R. Berry said...

And why is it you never see any "Kiss Me I'm German" or "Luck of the Polish" shirts?

Scottius Maximus said...


Someone needs to make them, I'm sure there's a market. In fact, I'd wear one next St. Patrick's Day.

D.R. Berry said...

Cafe Press here I come, LOL