Monday, September 18, 2006

Weekend Observations

- The head groundskeeper at Soldier Field should be fired. The field is in late November shape without a single game being played on it. It looked like they spray painted some of the dirt a sod-green color to make it look better on TV. What have these guys been doing all summer?

- There is not a more obnoxious color commentator than Phil Simms on CBS? And it doesn't help that the network plays that awful music over and over and over during telecasts. But his know-it-all attitude, lack of humor, grating voice, and the way he snaps at poor Jim Nance if Nance can't quite figure out what he's talking about is enough to make me squirm. UGGHH.

- The refs new uniforms take some getting used to. But I'm wondering, who cared about the refs uniforms to begin with, to make them change the design?

- The BK "King" is a heckuva defensive back. Have you seen the way he layed out Tory Holt in that BK commercial? I think he really suited up for the 49ers to help them beat the Rams yesterday.

- Hey, Philadelphia- the game lasts four quarters, not two.

- Finally, we had a little visitor at our house yesterday morning:


Barb the Evil Genius said...

How cuuuuute! Wish we got some of those through our backyard again.

Scottius Maximus said...


We've had the indirect evidence with some of our plants and flowers being munched, but just after dawn yesterday this little critter was poking around, so we were able to catch it red-handed.

Lutheran Lucy said...

Yes Barb, this was a blessing to see! I love deer and always get so excited when I see them! I know that they can be a nuisance though! :)

Marie N. said...

Nice deer photos -- nice yard too! We get the deer around 5 a.m. usually. At least that's what my neighbor tells me. His dog takes off through the screen door to chase them when they come to drink from his pool.

I think now they shut the screen door!

TKls2myhrt said...

Little visitor is right! He's a baby. Our city is nearly overrun with deer, so no one wishes for them to be in their yards around here. Deer ruin yards, plain and simple. So do rabbits, for that matter. Gee, I'm sounding kind of negative toward nature. I'd better leave now...

Lutheran Lucy said...

Yes TK, you are right. Unfortunately,they can be quite destructive. I have been down on bunnies (though I love them) because they have chewed on a lot of our flowers, perennials, etc. If the deer did enough damage as well, I wouldn't be too positive either. For now, I will be in awe of their beauty! :)

Scottius Maximus said...


Thanks for your kind words. My dog wanted to "get friendly" with the visitor, even though he would have probably taken a walloping.


You need to have a all-city deer hunt this fall.

Quipper said...

Scottius, I'm liking the idea of the all-city deer hunt. Our next door neighbor would be happy to help. :-)

Favorite Apron said...

Another weekend observation - all female football sportscaster should be banned.
Gymnastics or figure skating -- ok -- but not football.
Go Bucks ( Ohio State)!

Scottius Maximus said...

Favorite Apron!

I agree with you. I feel sorry for the ones doing it.