Sunday, December 28, 2014

No Doubt You'll Hate Hearing This

Because nobody likes "that guy".

But that's me.  I'm that guy. 

The guy who told you so.

I wrote in March we would check back in December.  I guess it's time to check back.

I knew the Bears would not be good this year.  They only made me doubt it one time.

That one time was the opening drive of the season.  From there they just confirmed what we all knew back on March.

They weren't good.

But I not only said they wouldn't be good.  I wrote they would be unwatchable. 

Unwatchable is exactly what this team was.

It was a completely lost season.  I'd rather there had been a strike with replacement players than to have to watch this crap we were subjected to.

So I didn't watch much.  Which is the definition of unwatchable. 

QB.  Defense.  BAD.  BAD.

I even chastised the team at that time for signing Cutler to that big long contract in that post.

I never wanted to be this right.

I've lived through a lot of cruddy teams they've put on the field, but never a team I didn't like. 

Even though a team is bad, that doesn't necessarily mean you don't root for them.  This team was unlikable (mostly stemming from its QB, but there were others) and unwatchable.  Meaning you couldn't even root for them.

I just hope they blow up everything and start over.


We'll find out tomorrow. 

But you keep Cutler and there's going to be seismic upheaval around here.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Winter Thoughts

We are fast approaching the shortest day of the year.  Oh, the darkness.

It's strange to me that winter is just starting, but the days will soon be getting longer.

It's also always been strange to me that around December 7th, the sun starts setting later in the evening, even though the days are getting shorter.  At least at my latitude it does.

I've searched for explanations, like this, but I can't say that I definitely get it.  Something to do with the later sunrise and solar noon and there not being truly exactly 24 hours in a day. 

And for that matter, the sun rises later and later until the first week of January or so.  Strange stuff.  Even though the days have already started getting longer.

Anyway, the darkness of late afternoon makes me remember listening to Christmas Carols and thinking of Santa visiting soon when I was wee.

Probably the earliest memory I have, at least of Christmas, is of hearing this song, minus the video, on what must have been an LP.

I went a few decades between hearings of it, but I unexpectedly heard it again 10 years ago or so. Without the internet, I probably never would have discovered it again.

Unlike the following.  I like these wooden soldiers, too.  Not sure which is my favorite.