Sunday, July 21, 2019

How I Am Filling My Time Shout Outs, Especially Fighting For The Faith

I still am watching and liking the Cardinals chances, only 3 games out, with the offense yet to get on track.  It is bound to happen.  Waiting for the inevitable big streak to begin.

Still listen a lot to Issues, Etc.  It's still the flagship of my Saturday morning garden listening.  As well as my drives to and from work.

MeTV is my go-to non-Cardinals television.  Although Saturday afternoons still belong to PBS and Saturday nights to RFD-TV.

Hardly ever watch HGTV anymore.  Too many reruns and too little variety.  I still record House Hunters to watch, but rarely actually get around to watching it.

Hardly ever watch DIY anymore.  Same reasons.

I watch some YouTube, mainly Pecos Hank and NewsBeFunny.

My new favorite thing to do in my free time is listen to Pirate Christian Radio's Fighting For the Faith, also watching it on YouTube.

I first heard Pastor Chris Rosebrough on Issues, Etc., with his regular end of the week segment on "This Week in Pop American Christianity".  I find his teaching style easy to listen to and of course informative.

I have embedded two of my favorites I have listened to recently.

His blasting of Joel Osteen is, granted, low-hanging fruit.  But it's still worth a listen.

How can anyone want most of the American Church teaches, when you can have what Scriptures really teach?  Don't answer, I know.

But the second embed is the real meat to this post.

The realization that Scriptures are not about us, not a guidebook for our lives and how to live a better one, but about Jesus Christ, from Genesis to Revelation, is the key to understanding who God is and our relationship to Him.

I hate to say it, but I never got that until I started attending a real confessional Lutheran Church 18 years ago.  Before that, I looked to find me and my life in every book, chapter and verse of the Bible.

I finally understood the Old Testament and its importance to understanding the New Testament.  It's all there, it just took looking at the books with a different lens that what I had tried my whole life.  It finally all made sense.  It's all Jesus Christ.  That's it.

And when you finally have that "Aha" moment, which he described happening to himself in the video, it blows one's mind because it is so simple.  But it opens up everything.

Leviticus?  Can't understand it?  Well, it's all about Jesus Christ.  The Tabernacle?  Hello, Jesus.  The prophets?  Everything else?  Of course.

What Pastor Rosebrough is saying here is so vitally important.  That's why I had to post it.  I will probably watch it again and again as years go by, to keep me grounded.  Looking forward to Part 2.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

It's Early...But...

I really like this team.

The Cardinals in my lifetime, have been traditionally slow out of the gate.  At least too slow for me.

I always fretted as a child when the Cardinals came out slow, because at my school there were always Cubs fans, who seemed to always start as fast as the Cardinals did slow.  I often had to listen to Cubs fans brag (God only knows why) about it being "the year".  By the time summer started the Cardinals had usually caught or were about to catch the Cubs.

And by the time the Cardinals had passed them up, school was out, and by the time school started, it was Cubs fans saying "who cares, wait 'til next year".  So it was difficult to "get back" at their ridiculous predictions, so to speak.

I remember as a child one season, 1973, when it seemed they were never going to win another game.  And yet they were in first place by the All-Star Break that year.

Here's how whacky that year went (credit Baseball Reference):
0-5 start
1-12 April 22nd
2-15 April 28th
5-20 May 8th (a famous day in Knicks history as noted in a previous post)
61-50 August 5th (high water mark before losing 8 in a  row)
81-81 finish after winning their last 5 games.

They almost made the playoffs, had the Cubs beat the Mets on the last two days of the season.

And in the previous post I just chronicled a year in which they started 15-19 and yet won 101 by years end.

Anyway, this year got off to another slow start initially, with St. Louis going 1-3 in Milwaukee.  But I've learned by now baseball is a long, long, long season.

In fact, traditional baseball wisdom is to check the standing after 40 games to see what you have, not before then, and that gives you a good snapshot of how the season is going to go forward.

But I can't help but be optimistic.  I came in to this season with higher than usual expectations.  After 3 mediocre years, we have to be due for a breakout.  Balls had to bounce our way again.  One run games had to be won by us this time.

Plus, I just like Paul Goldschmidt.  In fact the whole team is very likeable.

I'm playing it cautious, but I suspect I have watched more baseball this April than in the previous 3 Aprils combined.

And I do like what I see.  Looking forward to more to come.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

1985- A Heck Of A Year

There is a great video on the Cardinals' 1985 season.  My favorite year.

1985 was originally to be the year the Cardinals finished last.  Instead they finished on top of the baseball world (except for one umpire's psychotic call).

The Cubs had won the division the year before, for the first time ever.  Cubs fans were more obnoxious than usual.

It was supposed to be the year Whitey Herzog would be fired.  Instead he was manager of the year.

This was the most exciting brand of baseball I have ever witnessed, and probably ever will.  

Speed.  Defense.  Pitching.  Incredible highlights.

Just watch the video.  It's all there.

I went to one game that year.  The Saturday night Cubs game in mid-June shown in the video (the series starts at 10:48).  Sat in the left field loge section.  Cardinals won in their last at bat.  

A Cub-Cardinal game at old Busch was usually quite loud.  I remember Lou Brock's 2997th and 2998th hits against the Cubs in 1979 and how loud that was as he closed in on 3000.  But as Curt Ford's (his MLB debut) game winning hit fell that Saturday night in June 1985, and Ozzie streaked home after stealing on the play, I never heard old Busch so loud (11:02).  Definite was a whole lotta shaking going on of the whole Busch structure.

Excitement every play.  Virtually every inning that season.  

Heck of a year.

It was a special year.  The beginning of the whole Mets-as-pond-scum rivalry that would continue throughout the rest of the 1980s.

It was also the year I graduated college.  Got engaged.  Took off for more schooling.

Heck of a year.

I remember going out until late hours that summer, then heading home and tuning in to KMOX in my car to see if the game was over and if the Cardinals won.  

Sometimes after midnight, the game that night would still be the topic of discussion.

I remember moving in late summer, meeting new people and starting over again.  But the Cardinals remained the one constant in my new surroundings.

Heck of a year.

Meeting new Cardinals fans to share that late season with.  The last week showdown with the hated Mets.  I sweated out 3 straight nights listening to my radio and trying to study at the same time.

The clinching against the Cubs in the 161st game.

The falling behind in the NLCS out in LA, only to come roaring back to win the next four games.

The late Saturday morning game, the Sunday night where Vince Coleman was eaten by the tarp machine, Monday's Ozzie HR and Tuesday's Jack Clark moon shot (best home run trot in history).

Won't ever forget any of it.

The World Series that was won, until it was un-won by the event that shall never be mentioned again.

Heck of a year.

The arrival of Jack Clark and Vince Coleman.  NL MVP Willie McGee flying around in the outfield and the base paths.  Tommy Herr's career year.  Ozzie's defensive acrobatics.

So much fun to watch.  Getting to 101 wins after stumbling out of the gate to a 15-19 record.

And to listen to, with Jack Buck in his prime and Mike Shannon as his wingman.

I miss this type of baseball.  So much better than today's game.  

Truly a team for the ages.

Anyway, my favorite baseball year.  Although I guess I should qualify that with a "so far".  One can never know.

Saturday, February 23, 2019

First Day of Baseball Games...So Let's Watch Some Football

First Spring Training game today.  So glad it is now Spring.  It was a long winter.

To celebrate, I am posting one last old time pro football video.  This one from 1971.

Two years after the Chiefs won the Super Bowl, they were one of the favorites to win again.  But first up in the playoffs for them was an upstart team from Miami looking to make a name for themselves.

It was the second season after the merger.  And the NFL decides to have a playoff game on Christmas day.

No harm there.  Start the game in the afternoon, entertain the fans and get out 'fore dinner.

Yep.  That was the plan.

And it might have worked, if not for a few bad breaks along the way.

Instead it turned into a controversy that almost was as bad as the Heidi game, although not nearly as famous.

Today it is remembered almost exclusively for being the longest game in NFL history.  It went two overtimes.

And for that reason, was the end of Christmas football.

I still remember the delayed Christmas dinner it caused.  I was eight years old, and although I no longer believed in Santa Claus, I had one of the best Christmases I can remember.

My brother and I got fuzzy headed and bearded GI Joe Adventure Team Action figures.  I got the Army jungle adventure version with the ape, net and net and Safari buggy.  Some of which I played with at my grandpa's house while watching the game.

Which I watched.  And watched.  And watched.

My memory is not really clear, but I think we were called to dinner more than once.  That offer was declined in order to watch the game.  Or maybe it wasn't an offer, maybe more like a request.  Mighta even been a command.

Again, I don't remember.  But I do remember being glad when the Dolphins won the game on a FG by Garo Yepremian, as I didn't like the Chiefs at the time (see previous posts).  I don't remember how late dinner started, nor whether I even got one.

And so ended the great Christmas NFL playoff experiment.

Later on, the NFL expanded to 16 game seasons, so he playoffs start after New Year's now.  However, it was another 18 years after this two OT game that the NFL dared having another Christmas game.

And according to Wikipedia, there have only been 19 such games in NFL history.  One of which occurred earlier the day of this game, when Dallas beat Minnesota.

A few of other things I learned:
Last game in KC at their old Municipal stadium.  Arrowhead opened the next year.  Loved the look of that old stadium.
It was the Chiefs first home playoff game.  How is that even possible, considering they had been to two Super Bowls?
Ed Podolak was a beast in this game.  Wow.
Jan Stenerud has never recovered and never will.

Wow.  You can see the pain in his face even decades later.  So easy to relate to if you have ever failed to deliver, no matter what that is in life.  Nothing anyone can say.  Nothing anyone can do.  Haunts you forever.

Anyway, it's very enjoyable.

Next...on to baseball!

Friday, February 08, 2019

The End

Today we will post the last installment on the history of the AFL.

As we have already learned, Al Davis hated how it came about.  He thinks the AFL would have buried the NFL and had the upper hand in negotiations.  But gave it all away when the AFL was absorbed into the NFL.

Even though that was not the objective the original owners had.  The reason the AFL even came about was the NFL was not interested in expansion and the eventual AFL owners wanted pro teams.  So those owners got what they really wanted back in the beginning by the deal.

But Davis was different.  He wanted to compete and win.  And I believe the AFL would have, because it seems the AFL owners were smarter than the NFL owners.  At least according to this historical count.

If Davis had had his way, I believe football history would have been much more interesting.

And I think the Super Bowl might have become even bigger if there were still an NFL and an AFL.  Especially if the teams rarely, if ever, played each other during the season.  Would have been much more intriguing.

I also think one of the worst things the MLB ever did was start interleague play.  The mystique of the leagues disappeared.  I wish the World Series was the only way we decided which league was better.

Anyway, here's the end of the AFL, ironically after their triumph in Super Bowl IV.

This was a fun series.

Saturday, February 02, 2019

I Propose A New Holiday...

Super Bowl Eve.

So, Merry Super Bowl Eve.

A lot of Super Bowl talk and hype going on right now.

But has there ever been a Super Bowl more talked about than the one shown in the next installment of "Full Color Football"?

That would be Super Bowl III.  The one that immortalized (in the American sense) Joe Namath.

Total dominance by NY in this game.  Fueled no doubt by anger and disrespect.

Those feelings I believe are the most powerful motivators any human can experience.

The other thing I notice about this game is how visually and aesthetically pleasing the game is.  The colors are terrific and the uniforms classic.

Enjoy the 4th of 5 installments.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

So I Complain About Modern Football And I Get Two Fun Games As A Result

Last Sunday's games were awesome.

And although there was no mud or grass, it was a worthwhile expense of my time to watch.  Tony Romo made the experience of the AFC championship that much better.  The man is uncanny in the accuracy of his analysis and foresight.

So, we won't get the Chiefs in the Super Bowl for the first time in 49 years.  But we will get the Patriots for the 4th time in 5 years and 9th time in 18 years

Anyone seen this movie?  Yawn.

Strangely, I'll root for them anyway, against the Rams, the team without a home.  Can't stand them since they moved from St. Louis, to a land where no one gives a fleck of mud on their cleats about them.

The Super Bowl hype starts this week.  It's that time to manufacture some more news.  I've had enough of that as well.  Double yawn.

I guess the timing is right, then, for this post and the AFL history lesson that I've attached.  In it, we finally get to the leadup to the first Super Bowl in 1967.

I have grown to agree with the opinion, one stated in this series, that the NFL won those first two Super Bowls solely because it was the league of the Packers, not because the NFL was superior.  The Packers were simply the best team around in the '60s.

Those Super Bowls proved nothing about which league was better.  They just proved no one could defeat the Packers in that era.

Anyway, enjoy this next video, the 3rd in the 5 part series.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

This Was Football

What you won't see today.

Mud, clotheslines, late hits, piling on...real football!

I've been watching a lot of old football clips from the late '60s and early '70s, as a result of the Showtime AFL series I am embedding.

The 2nd part of the AFL series, while worthwhile watching, is a probably the weakest of the 5 installments as far as star power.  But the stories are great fun!

Who goes to a desert dude ranch for training camp?!!  Rats, snakes, tarantulas...and the scariest thing of all...the non-working toilets.

Fun to see Jack Kemp and Ernie Ladd, though.  And Bill Belichick and John Madden.

Ernie Ladd.  My memories of him are really as a professional wrestler in the '70s which I watched on Saturday or Sunday afternoon All-Star Wrestling.  He was huge, I believe he was 6'9"...loved the crown, and the "Promises Promises" warm up.

He was a heel, though, and I never rooted for him that I can recall.  I was a Dick the Bruiser fan, and it seems he usually wrestled against him.

I am including as a bonus video the 1968 AFL Championship game highlights.  This is the famous Jets team that won Super Bowl III.

I think the Raiders team here, coming off a Super Bowl loss the previous year, would have won Super Bowl III against the Colts as well.

Loved those white and silver unis.

Enjoy both.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Double Doink And The Chiefs

I am finally recovered from last week's Bears playoff loss.

I hate to place the blame for the loss on one person...but...doinking field goals was this guy's specialty this year.

I just knew he wasn't going to make that FG...I saw it on his face as he took the field.  I tried to wish it in, but just knew deep down what was going to happen.

And it did.

That said, the Bears' defense bended too much to win the game.  I was very surprised by that.  It shouldn't have come down to a last second field goal.

And the offense looked a little off, too.

Conclusion- it was a team effort loss.

So I'm out of any rooting interest this year.  Kansas City is the closest team to me by geography still left, so I'll probably root for them.

I was hoping Indy might win, but I'll take it.

Because with KC's win, I finally get to post about something I have wanted to for about 4 years, but was waiting for the right opportunity.

And that time is now.

In 2014 I watched a series on YouTube that originated I guess on a cable network.

It's about the history of the AFL.  And no team in my lifetime epitomizes the AFL more to me than the Chiefs.

You see, I was born in 1963 and am too young to remember Super Bowl III.  The year the AFL officially became a legitimate power.

I remember Joe Namath and all that, and I remember him being a big deal, but I really didn't pay any attention to football in early 1969.  I was in kindergarten.

But I definitely remember Super Bowl IV.  I was all set to watch the Vikings clobber the Chiefs.

In my six year old mind, I had the odds of the Vikings losing to the Chiefs at near infinity:1.

I've posted about that game before, so I'll spare you the details.  Go here if you want to read about it.

Anyway, the leagues merged after that game, and the AFL was dead.  But my lasting memory of the AFL is of the Chiefs as champions, not just of the AFL, but of football.

My other memory of the AFL is of the Raiders and their rivalry with the Chiefs.  Naturally, I always rooted for the Raiders due to my Chiefs hatred.

But something funny has happened as time as gone by...I actually have grown to like that Super Bowl IV Chiefs team.

Mainly due to my liking of Hank Stram after he started to broadcast games, a lot of times on the radio with Jack Buck.

Anyway, I'm going to post that AFL history series over the next couple of weeks.  It's really a fun and informative documentary.  I learned a lot about the AFL and the early history of some of the NFL's more storied franchises.

Hope you enjoy it.  I sure did.  Try to watch it on full screen if you can.  The uniforms are awesome!

This is the football, very late '60s, early '70s, that got me hooked.

And I can't wait 'til next year...Go Bears...

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Since The Bears Are Playing San Francisco Today...

It made me think of this game.

Of course I didn't witness it as I was only 2 years old.  But I heard about it a lot as a child, read about it, and have seen the highlights many times in my life.

By the time I was old enough to be interested in football, he got injured.  My only memories of him watching live was in his attempted comebacks from knee surgery.

And of course, Brian's Song.  But that's a story for another day.

Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Latest Reading And I'm Done Reading


I finished the Bible again yesterday October 8th.  I do believe this is the earliest I have ever finished.  I usually finish around the end of November or in December.

I decided this year to read 4 chapters a day.  So I did 3 Old Testament and 1 New Testament chapter each day, until I ran out of New Testament about 3 weeks ago.

The only time I didn't stick to this formula was reading Psalms.  I did 5 Psalms a day, which meant it took me 30 days to finish.

I'm not sure what to read next to fill out the year.  Any ideas?

Monday, October 01, 2018

Reading And I Knew It

Revelation 5-22.

For the third straight year, the Cardinals are out of the playoffs.  That hasn't happened since 1997 to 1999.

Nineteen years.  There's a lot to think about the past year.  The biggest are the what ifs.  Like, what if Mike Matheny had been fired in June?

Anyway, the team was fun to watch the last 2 months and unwatchable before that.  Winning does that I guess.

Another possibly interesting offseason will start soon.  I predict no major changes to the club.  Again.

Friday, August 31, 2018

My Reading And Unbelief

Isaiah 16-66.
Hebrews 5-13.
1 Peter.
2 Peter
1 John.
2 John.
3 John.
Revelation 1-4.

I am a doubter who doesn't believe.

As little as 3 years ago, I would have believed.  But too much has happened to make it hard to believe.

From 2001 to 2015, my belief was strong.  But I just am struggling now.

After two straight seasons missing the playoffs, I just don't think the Cardinals are going to win.

Even the way they have played this month, going 22-6, I still don't believe.

In fact, I feel certain they will become the Slanidracs, the Bizarro World Anti-Cardinals, again any moment.  Just watch and see.

Hope I am wrong.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Reading and Cardinals Management

Proverbs 13-31.
Song of Solomon.
Isaiah 1-15.
1 Timothy.
2 Timothy.
Hebrews 1-4.

Thought I'd finally weigh in on the Mike Matheny firing a couple of weeks ago.

I think most Cardinals fans were supportive of it.  Including me.  Mainly because of his bullpen management and lineup construction.  His "strategery" was lacking.

He was no Whitey Herzog, who as far as I can remember, was never outsmarted by another manager.  And that's really all a manager needs to do.  And something I never remember Matheny doing.

But I don't blame just him for the Cardinals shortcomings the past 3 years.

I had already predicted the ousting of the manager back in February if the Cardinals failed again this year.

And I also predicted then the ousting of John Mozeliak if failure was the outcome.  So far that hasn't happened.

I'm not so sure it will now.  Somehow I believe Mozeliak still has the boss's confidence.  Even with the product out there.

The model of consistency the Cardinals have opted for the past decade, while producing winning teams, is not designed to produce super teams capable every year of winning a championship.

It produces mediocrity in the hopes that lightning will strike once in one of the seasons with career years by multiple players.  A change in approach is needed.

The Cardinals have accumulated a ton of above average players, who collectively insure the Cardinals will not have a losing season, but also strike no fear in anyone.

I'll just go ahead and say it.  They're WAY too conservative.

For a franchise that is just raking in the money from a large fanbase, that is wrong.  A little more effort in the spending category, particularly at the trading deadline, might reverse the erosion of trust, although not huge, the fans are beginning to feel toward ownership/front office.

I'll just go ahead and say this too.  They're WAY too cheap.

Everyone appreciates not spending wildly, and frittering away what essentially is our money, but...

I think we are finally at a crossroads in the course of Cardinals history.  Let's see which path the administrators of this franchise take.

Jeff Luhnow, would you please come back?

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

This Not So Gigantic Post Is NOT About The Knicks, But There Are More Coming That Are; Instead It's Just Funny, So Just Watch Before I Decide To Extend The Title Of This Post Further

OK, let me catch my breath.

So my reading the past month:
Job 34-42.
Proverbs 1-12.
2 Corinthians 7-13.
1 Thessalonians.
2 Thessalonians.

I've posted previously about my changing TV habits as I get older.  I'm still somewhat of an HGTV fan, but in addition to that and PBS, I am a MeTV fan.

And RFD-TV fan.

I love the Saturday night lineup in particular.

So my Saturdays, if I'm indoors watching TV, consists of watching PBS in the day and RFD-TV at night.

I'll post on other programs I like some other time, but tonight I'll focus on the Marty Stuart Show.

One of the first shows I watched on this network after I discovered it was Hee Haw on Sunday nights.  And right after that came Marty Stuart.

I had never heard of him before then, but he actually is a very accomplished musician and the show is a lot of fun.  Reminds me of the type of shows that used to be on when I was young.  Country with a slight rock tilt.

Very talented musicians on this show.

Anyway, every week, it seems, features a song by the talented banjo player Leroy Troy

I can't help but crack up when he is on as he is quite humorous.  But this is one of the funniest things, and funnest things, I have seen for a long time.

I love the reactions of Marty Stuart, the bassist and drummer.  Enjoy.

Monday, June 04, 2018

Guess What- Another Post About Reading And The Knicks- And This One's Gigantic

2 Chronicles 19-36.
Job 1-33.
Romans 12-16.
1 Corinthians.
2 Corinthians 1-6.

I hope you've kept up.  That's a lot of reading if you got behind.

So, I invite you to watch this NBA game I've embedded from late 1970.  I was in the 2nd grade when it was played.

It's now on YouTube.  Knicks-Bucks.  A rivalry that would last about 5 years, from 1969, when Lew Alcindor entered the league, to 1974, when Willis Reed retired.

There are several observations I'd like to share after you watch this. 

Warning- It's 2 hours long (and so it seems, is this post). So buckle up!  And quit whining! 

Like you don't have a couple hours to spare...

Or just watch some of it.

But I tell you, it's worth it just to watch the commercials.  What's with the duck doing the news?  And the cars trying to stop on ice, with the last one going in the water? 

When did studded tires get outlawed?

And gotta love the old Colt 45 commercial with the bull- I remember that one.  But I don't remember the one with the falling tree.

And what year did all alcohol ads get outlawed except for beer?  Was after 1970, that's for sure.

I liked the Paper-mate power point pen commercial, and the Gillette ad with Johnny Bench, who had just played in his first World Series (losing to Baltimore).

And the Partridge Family promo was "groovy".

Coke?  It's the real thing.

How many times did we get to see Pat Paulsen and Mobil?  PAT FREAKING PAULSEN!

Really sets the cultural context for this game.  Anyway, on to it...

-I was able to figure out this was a Friday game, because of the mention of the following day's college football games- Notre Dame-USC and Army-Navy.  I am not sure if it was day or night, but I'm guessing day because of the Partridge Family promo.

I didn't know there used to be other college games on the day of Army-Navy.  I wonder when it changed to a showcase game, then only division one game on when it is played?

Anyway, based on this, I was able to deduce it was either late November or early December of 1970.

So, with not too much trouble, I tracked down the date- Friday, November 27, 1970.  The day after Thanksgiving.

-The first thing that struck me about the NBA back then was how fun it was to watch.  As opposed to today's boring version of isolation and one-on-one garbage.

Just watch how the ball moved around the court from teammate to teammate.

And there seemed to be a frenetic energy associated with this, just up and down the court action.

My proposal to make the game today more like it used to be- drop the 24 second clock and institute a 15 second clock.  You'd see a lot more action.

-Check out Phil Jackson.  He got more playing time as he got older.

-Love the organ music played during time outs.  Seemed like a better way to go than the blaring pop music at sporting events nowadays.

Why was the organist playing the University of Illinois song "Illinois Loyalty" near the very end of the 3rd quarter?  Did he not know he was in Milwaukee?

-Speaking of Illinois, Mike Price, my favorite player for U of I the year previously, was drafted by the Knicks after the 1970 season.  I was thrilled.

-Notice the lack of 50,000 replays each time down the court.  This is a much more enjoyable way to watch a game.  I think the game has slowed down the more replays have become part of broadcasts.

-What is that font ABC used for the scores?  I have always loved that!

-I like how there is no streaming across the bottom and no score at all displayed until someone scores.  Just simplicity.  Your attention is strictly on watching the action.  Take note, networks...this is how you broadcast sports.

-I love both teams uniforms and warm-up jackets.

-I remember the Milwaukee Arena.  It was later renamed the MECCA a few years later.  I always got a kick out of that name for their arena.  Never would have happened in the 21st century.

Look how dark the arena is except for the court area.

I like the free throw circle with the small dotted arc.

-Notice the announcements for Monday Night Football.

-Speaking of MNF, Keith Jackson did the play by play in the first season.  In addition to his NBA duties.  He continued to be the main play by play NBA announcer through the '72-'73 season, after which the NBA moved to CBS for the next 17 years.

-I love the tip-off prior to each quarter.  And the other jump balls during the game.  Bring those flamin' things back, NBA.

-What was the deal with the non-shooting fouls leading to one free throw?  If I were coaching, that'd be my strategy- just foul to keep the other team from scoring two points.  What year did that rule get changed?

-Dave DeBusschere had a bad game by his standards- lousy in the first, OK in the second.

-It wasn't Walt Frazier's best game either, although as usual he took over when he needed to, doing some cool Clyde things down the stretch.

-And oh my, was Willis Reed good.  He dominated Alcindor in the first half, and would have in the 2nd if he hadn't gotten tired from playing the whole game. 

So sad his career collapsed in injury the next year, although he was able to make a comeback two years after this season to lead the Knicks to another title.

I always loved Willis' chain and medallion, but have no idea what it is.

Anyway, dang, he was great.  Since I was so small when he played, I really appreciate getting to watch him in his prime like this.

It was so satisfying seeing him reasonably healthy in 1973 to win another championship.

-The Knicks were the only team in 1970-71 that the Bucks did not defeat in head to head match ups.  In fact, the Knicks won 4 out of the 5 games the teams played.

Therefore, the Knicks epic failure to win game 7 of the Eastern Conference finals later that year against Baltimore, a game they should have won and would have won 9 out of 10 times, hurts badly.  Because they would of/should of won another championship this year.

And I blame Bill Bradley for that loss.  He took the shot at the end of that game that he shouldn't have taken. 

I mean...come on, man...Reed and Frazier on that team, and Bill Bradley tries to take the last shot?

It doesn't help his case that he is a liberal Democrat.  So I can blame him for the fact the Knicks didn't win in 1971.

OK, I'm through crying.

-The Knicks beat the Bucks again the next night, this time in NY, 100-99.

- And by the way...Navy whooped Army 11-7 and USC beat #4 Notre Dame 38-28 the following day. 

In case you were wondering.

Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Hey It's a New Post, and I'm Going To Mention My Reading and the Knicks

Wow, OK let's think about this.  I left off on April 14th and haven't posted again.  So where am I in my reading?  Three chapters a day of chapter a day of NT...enter into my dandy Bible chapter calculator...


Since my last post I have read through today:
2 Kings.
1 Chronicles.
2 Chronicles 1-18.
Acts 16-28.
Romans 1-11.

That's a lot of reading.

Today is May 8th.  And in Knicks history May 8th means this...the most famous moment in franchise history.

Dig Howard Cosell's hair by the way.

In the Scottius Maximus universe, however, there is an even bigger May 8 for the Knicks.

Three years later, May 8, 1973, was the night known as "Dave Debusschere Night". 

For in the 1973 NBA Finals, a rematch of sorts of 1970, he scored 33 points, and in the final minute of the game, as the Lakers were closing in on the Knicks in Game 4, he wrestled the ball away from Wilt Chamberlain on an errant Knick shot, put it back up and in, and was fouled by Chamberlain in the process.

That was the play of the series.  It was the moment, as a 4th grader staying up late to see the game, I just knew the Knicks were going to win another championship.

I also remember how close Wilt Chamberlain, who was never ejected from any game in his career, came to getting ejected as he argued the call.

At least that is how I remember it. 

Unfortunately, this game has apparently been "lost".  You can't find it anywhere on the internet.  At least at this time.  But I have faith someone out there has it on tape, and will post it any day now.

It's hard to even find anything written about this game.  But I keep looking.  I found the NY Times article about it from May 9th.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

This Past Week's Reading And Garden Stuff

1 Kings 1-22.
Acts 9-15.

It's been spring for over 2 months, and my forsythia bush is just now starting to bloom.  I knew we had a long winter. 

I almost had to send this guy back out.

And I planted potatoes for the first time.  Good thing I know what they are...what are they again?

Saturday, April 07, 2018

Friday and Saturday Reading and World Series Videos

2 Samuel 19-24.
Acts 7-8.

As I was getting ready for baseball season to start, I discovered more videos and rediscovered others regarding the 2011 World Series.

The first is an awesome video of game 6 from multiple people's perspectives, probably taken from other YouTube videos people posted, and I think put together by an amateur videographer.  It's really well done, and if they are an amateur, they should think about a career in video production.  ALERT- some "colorful" words here and there, including from what appears to be a nut (but well done by the producer- love The Office reactions, was exactly how we all probably feel about that dude).

Next is the ESPN immediate post-game of game 6.

Even better are the ESPN immediate post-game videos of game 7 which I enjoy for showing the density of the crowd surrounding Busch Stadium that night.  My oldest son was down there that night, and had no ticket to get into the game, but had a good time anyway just being there.

Thursday, April 05, 2018

Monday To Thursday Reading And Home Openers

2 Samuel 7-18.
Acts 3-6.

I kind of prefer the Cardinals opening their season on the road.  Seems to be less pressure to get off to a good start.  I'll take 3-3 against NY and MIL.

Too bad it's so cold that Red Schoendienst couldn't attend this year.  As the oldest living Hall of Famer, I have always looked forward to seeing him.  He always looks so good, much younger than 95.

Still, quite a lineup showed up tonight:

Chris Carpenter.
Mike Shannon.
Tony LaRussa.
Joe Torre.
Whitey Herzog.
Bob Gibson.
Lou Brock.
Tim McCarver.
Ted Simmons.
Ozzie Smith.
Bruce Sutter.
Jim Edmonds.
Willie McGee.

And Bob Costas.

Always fun to see everyone together again.  Maybe again this fall?

Sunday, April 01, 2018

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Thursday to Saturday Reading and NCAA What?

1 Samuel 4-12.
John 13-15.

I have watched only a part of a couple of NCAA tournament games this year.  I have not had much interest in college basketball for a few seasons, for whatever reason.

So let's get back to baseball.

Here's a link to the list of the 15 walk off homers in World Series history.  Would have never guessed there were only that many.  I don't know who a couple of these folks even are.

The Cardinals have been involved in two of them.

The first one involving the Cardinals has been referenced on this blog before.  It is the one recounted in Bob Gibson's book.  In 1964, Mickey Mantle absolutely crushed a Barney Schultz pitch, but Mike Shannon ran it out to the wall, even though it was obvious to everyone else in the stadium the ball was gone.

So that one didn't turn out too good.

But the second Cardinals homer on the list sure did.  And if I gotta tell you which one that is, you got a short memory.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Monday to Wednesday Reading and Ready For Baseball

Judges 19-21.
1 Samuel 1-3.
John 10-12.

Wow, I blinked and the baseball season is almost upon us.  Let's start warming up with this nice summary of why we love it so...

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Weekend Reading and the Office Depot Song

Judges 13-18.
John 8-9.

I used to get Sports Illustrated.  One of my favorite parts was "This Week's Sign of the Apocalypse".

My nominee comes courtesy of my 11 year old son.  Playing my iTunes off my iPhone bluetoothed into my car's speakers, he heard a song he liked.

"Hey, it's the Office Depot song!"

Yes...yes it was.  Formerly known in my day as "Takin' Care of Business".

Randy Bachman must be so proud.  And the apocalypse may be just moments away.

Friday, March 16, 2018

What the Heck Have I Been Reading These Past Few Days? And Who Am I Voting For?

Joshua 19-24.
Judges 1-12.
John 2-7.

I usually stay out of politics.  But...

My state has had some really bad governors.  Two of the last four are freakin' in jail.  Care to top that?

And the really shocking fact is those two were not worse governors than the current one.  That one's name is Bruce Rauner.

Name me any governor in the United States, and they are no doubt better than Rauner.

This dude was elected in the hopes he would be a governor like Walker and Pence in our neighboring states.  Boy, was that misguided.

What he ended up being was a liberal disaster in a republican wrapper, a giant turd in an ice cream cone by any standard.

There are a number of things he has done wrong.  The thing that I think has sealed his fate was his utter betrayal of pro-lifers in this state. 

I was shocked by this evil man's signing a law making it a crime to not help a woman obtain an abortion when asked.  A law just beggin' to be broken.

Then, after promising not to, he signed a bill expanding taxpayer funding of abortions in IL.

Issues, Etc. ran a nice piece about that a few months back, to listen go here.

If you can, vote for Jean Ives on Tuesday.  I know she has no chance to win without divine intervention.  But I'd rather see a Democrat win this November than our wolf in sheep's clothing get re-elected, a liberal puppet whose strings are pulled by his wife. 

In other words, a true politician.  Showing us once again, men cannot save us.  Come, Lord Jesus.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Wednesday To Saturday Reading and The Defeat of Western Civilization

Joshua 7-18.
Luke 22-24.  John 1

Saw this video a week ago off a link from Barb The Evil Genius, a site called Est Quod Est.

What it says is hilarious and oh so true.  And because this is the world that this next generation is creating for itself to live in, we will be over-run by our enemies within the next generation.

Not that we haven't already been defeated by our enemies, by their subversion of our culture.  And yet we fiddle on...

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Tuesday Reading and One of My Favorites

Joshua 4-6.
Luke 21.

I don't know what is more incredible: the incredible vocalizations, the melancholy lyrics or the "fuzz guitar" solos in the middle and the end of this amazing song, one of the first (if not THE first) power ballads. 

What an amazing gift these folks had (I know, Richard is still alive so the past tense doesn't really apply, so I mean this group collectively).

Monday, March 05, 2018

Sunday and Monday Reading and Going to Subway

Deuteronomy 31-34.
Joshua 1-3.
Luke 19-20.

I have had my problems with Subway in the past.  But I continue to eat there.

So today, I got 4 napkins.  I guess to make up for the fact I got no chips with my sandwich.

Unfortunately, the napkins were plain, not BARBECUE flavored, which is what I had ordered for my chips I never got.  So I remained hungry in spite of their generosity.

To top it all off, it was raining, so I had gone through the drive through instead of parking and walking in.  "I'll keep from getting wet", I said to myself.

Which plan would have been brilliant, had I not had to roll down my window.  For this Subway's drive through had no roof or cover.  The second I rolled down my window, my face, eyes and inside of my car began getting pelted by drops of rain. 

I was almost afraid to open my mouth to speak into the giant menu board for fear of getting a free drink.

The wind was strong enough that a few drops reached to the passenger side of the car.  I took an impromptu shower.

For which the three extra napkins I had came in quite handy.

Oh well, at least I got to eat, so I am thankful for that.

Saturday, March 03, 2018

This Week's Reading

Deuteronomy 16-30.
Luke 14-18.

Busy week, sorry so long between posts.  I found myself falling asleep in my chair this week before I even got on my blog at night.  How old man-ish of me.

Luke 18:9-14 is one of those devastating sections for me to read.   

Nowadays, whenever I read this I can't help but think of this virtue-signaling mess of a culture America has created for itself.  How it beats its breast filled with self-righteousness and judges those who dare to swim against its made-up rules and commandments.

My how creepy we are and will continue to be.

But then I am brought back to the reality that in these very thoughts, I am guilty of the very thing I am condemning.  Oh, wretched man that I am, who will deliver me from this body of death?

Only Christ, of course.