Friday, March 28, 2008

I Love To Verb Nouns

In other words, I like to take nouns and turn them into verbs. Don't look at me like I'm crazy. A lot of the words we use in English probably got their start this way. Such as 'phoning' someone.

But, in addition to using these like everyone else, I also like less acceptable ones.

Such as envelope. I don't turn that noun into a verb in the traditional sense. I use it to describe the process of putting a letter in an envelope. Such as 'I enveloped a stack of letters to mail today.' You can also say 'enveloping' or 'envelope' depending on what tense you are putting something in an envelope.

But my favorite has to be 'lightninging'. Probably because of the double 'ing' ending. If it's really stormy, and the lightning is flashing, that means it is really 'lightninging' out. Or you could say, in the past tense, that it 'lightninged' hard.

Any other good ones?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Year's Day

I've always liked this U2 song, but I wrongly thought it to be an apocalyptic song. I don't know why, maybe it's the video that accompanied it (probably my all-time favorite), or maybe the lyrics, but every time I listen to it, eschatological images come to my mind.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Rush Is Back

This time I'm not talking about Canadian rockers.

"Thanks for the post...wait a minute...WHAT?!!!"

I'm talking about Rush Limbaugh. I go through phases where I think he is past his prime. And then he gets on something and the hilarity ensues.

Witness Operation Chaos. About as entertainingly fine as a radio program can get. The whole set up, from the commercial bumper's echoing announcement of "OPERATION CHAOS", to Rush himself constantly mentioning it, is comedic genius.

The melt-downish reactions he's getting from the Democratic faithful are spectacularly train-wreck-ian. I just hope he doesn't stop.

If you haven't tuned in lately, you must, because this is can't miss radio.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

For Anyone Who Doesn't Know What Art Is

This is art. Fascinating. Well, except for that annoying ad at the bottom right of the picture. Just ignore that like you do most ads.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Does Anyone Read The Newspaper Anymore?

Only for the comics.

Speaking of comics, what does everyone think about Dilbert this past week? I have yet to see one post about it, although I think it is provocative. So I might as well start the discussion here. Go here and start at 3/8/08, if you don't know what I'm talking about.

Monday, March 10, 2008

I Heard A Rumor

"It's time to get happy, people!"- Tony Kornheiser, PTI.

Happy 18th birthday to Angus G Van Halen! Stop by his blog to wish him a good one.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

At Least Dan McLaughlin Is Happy

I don't know anyone else who is. Besides Joe Buck himself.

It's going to be a steady diet of listening to Mike Shannon and John Rooney for me this season. Of course, I'd prefer listening to them over McLaughlin and Hrabosky anyway, but I'd always tune in to Fox Sports Midwest to see if Joe was announcing that night.

Over the last several years, Joe was becoming more and more of an occasional sighting instead of a regular anyway. But I didn't realize he only did 10 telecasts last year.

Still, I'd take just 10. Joe is a lot like his father in that he would "let his hair down" and be a less serioius, sometime silly, version of himself on local Cardinals broadcasts. You never see that on Joe's national broadcasts, although a humorous quip occasionally finds its way into one.

I remember one such instance a few years back of Joe proclaiming "Run,!" like an excited kindergardener on a ball hit in the gap that saw Scott Rolen trying to score from first. It was hilarious because he said it just as the cameraman zoomed in on Rolen digging for and rounding 3rd base.

So, we'll miss you, Joe. Have some fun with your family and come back again real soon.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Some Good Old Fashioned Writing

We've been studying the Ten Commandments going through Luther's Large Catechism in Bible Class the past few months. In regards to the 3rd Commandment ("You shall sanctify the holy day"), Luther wrote thusly:

96] Therefore not only those sin against this commandment who grossly misuse and desecrate the holy day, as those who on account of their greed or frivolity neglect to hear God's Word or lie in taverns and are dead drunk like swine; but also that other crowd, who listen to God's Word as to any other trifle, and only from custom come to preaching, and go away again, and at the end of the year know as little of it as at the beginning. 97] For hitherto the opinion prevailed that you had properly hallowed Sunday when you had heard a mass or the Gospel read; but no one cared for God's Word, as also no one taught it. Now, while we have God's Word, we nevertheless do not correct the abuse; we suffer ourselves to be preached to and admonished, but we listen without seriousness and care."

Ouch. How many times have I been guilty of that last sentence?

Sometimes a person can't help it, but to consistently and without sound reason leave church without going to some study of scripture seems to fall in to this category. Especially if one is rushing off to something "funner" to fill the rest of their Sunday. Or whatever day one worships.

Also, in the Tappert edition of the Book Of Concord, the word 'trifle' above is translated 'entertainment'. I can't help but think of all the rock-band church services out there.

At any rate, despite it being a 16th Century collection of writings, the Lutheran Confessions are far from irrelevant and have plenty to say to our present day predicaments.

We've been blessed to have both Tappert and the newer Concordia edition, and must say I like them both. All Lutheran homes should have one. And use it.