Thursday, July 04, 2013

Happy 4th! USA! USA!

The obligatory patriotic Independence Day post.

I recently watched the movie "Miracle".  I had never had the desire to watch that movie before, thinking I was already familiar enough with the story that only someone who knew little about it could enjoy it.

I also had no desire to watch Hollywood try to recreate something that had already been perfect in real life.  Why would I want to watch a fake when I saw the transcending moments unfold in real life?

But, much to my surprise, the movie wasn't really about the "Miracle On Ice".  It was about what I really hadn't already seen and what I really didn't know like the back of my hand.

It was really about how that team was put together and how it was molded and guided by one man and his audacity to aim high and accomplish what no one really believed could be done.

That was a running theme that year,1980.  For it also brought about the election of Ronaldus Magnus, another man with the audacity to lead.  Don't we need someone like that now?

Man, the '80s were awesome (Reagan and Whiteyball and more), and all might not have gone so great if it weren't for that lead off year setting the theme.

Anyway, there's lots of Herb Brooks quotes in the movie.  And, of course, The Speech.