Sunday, January 24, 2010

NFL Conference Finals

There is a story behind every team this year. The Jets brashness and inexperience. The Colts corporateness and lack of desire to be the best they can be. Brett Favre (sorry Vikings, you're just windowdressing for Brett's story). The Saints seeking to deliver a first championship to a desolate city.

Very few people thought the Jets would make it this far, so naturally they're all now on the bandwagon. Makes no sense to me. I'll root for them with every fiber of my being, but I just don't see them taking down the Colts.

The Saints have had a nice year, but it's going to end this weekend. They've never made it to the Super Bowl, one of the few teams left that haven't. The Vikings pass rush will get to Drew Brees a lot today and advance.

Which could end up being bittersweet for Minnesota, because should they win today and in 2 weeks, it will mark the franchise's first Super Bowl victory in 5 tries. Their first loss still plays in my head at times.

But the story will be Brett Favre and will always be Brett Favre for the rest of history. And that will be just fine with Brett Favre. Minnesota will just be the vehicle of the Brett Favre story. An "oh yeah, by the way, the Minnesota Vikings won it all that year" footnote to his story. That's just the way the media and history will play it.


Saturday, January 16, 2010

NFL Divisional Playoffs

This is always a great football weekend. Four games over two days. And the four games are all good matchups. I'll be glad to split them, as I did last weekend.

I am still rooting against the Colts, which means I'll be for the Ravens. It feels strange to root for an east coast team against a team 150 miles from my house, but I still feel betrayed by the Colts. I was rooting for them to go 16-0, and they didn't give it their best shot. I guess I should just get over it. Especially because I think they'll win.

The early game today features the two most explosive offenses, New Orleans and Arizona, so it should be a track meet, probably the funnest game to watch this weekend. I almost typed St. Louis instead of Arizona. I'm stuck back in the '80s.

Tomorrow we get the game the experts are anticipating the most- Minnesota v. Dallas. I think the winner of this game will get to the Super Bowl. Funny how Dallas went from ridicule to favorite in a matter of 3 weeks.

The last game has the most swagger- Jets v. Chargers. Both teams think a lot of themselves. I'll again root for the underdog but pick the favorite.

San Diego.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

NFL Wildcard Weekend Picks

Last week I finished the season 13-3, so that made my overall record 173-83. Not too shabby. I finished behind only Hoge. But I struggle usually during the playoffs.

I've never seen a year where three of the four opening round games are repeats of games the previous weekend. Very strange. The only difference is Cincinnati plays at home against the Jets this time.

I would love it if the Jets won and got to play Indianapolis again. The only reason they are in the playoffs is because of the Colts playing dead for them two weeks ago. It would be sweet poetic justice if the Jets played the Colts again and knocked them out.

However, I don't think that is going to happen.

I'm tempted to pick every team that lost last week:
Philadelphia, because it is hard for any team to beat another three times in one year.
Arizona, because they can't play that poorly again.
Cincinnati, because they are playing at home this week.

This round is a crapshoot anyway, so what the heck. I'll just go for it.


Sunday, January 03, 2010

NFL Picks Week 17

Hard to believe, but the excitement of the season is about to end. Football, not the holidays. Final games today. For the first time all year, all 32 teams play today.

Last week I finished 10-6, so that made my overall record 160-80. I'm 3 games out of first, as far as the humans are concerned, so I need a big week to win. I'm actually tied for second, which isn't bad. ESPN Experts' picks and records here and here.

I'm utterly confused and disgusted with the Colts. Their decision to tank their game last week against the Jets was criminal. A lot of money, as well as the fate of other teams in the playoff hunt, were riding on that game, and in the spirit of fair competition, they should be held in the utmost contempt.

Even if they win the Super Bowl, I think their organization (not the players, who had no part in this decision) will not deserve respect for disrespecting the competition of the league. What a sham.

As you can tell, I'll be rooting hard for someone to knock them off now. And I won't be foolish enough to pick them again.

Lots of toss up games. I could pull this off.

San Francisco.
San Diego.