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Thursday Night Football Pick


And if you don't have DISH to watch NFL Network for tonight's game- TOO BAD!!! I'm going to enjoy it- eat your heart out!

Thursday Reading

Daniel 4, 5 and 6.

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Week 12 NFL Picks

Last week's 11-5 record made me 96-64 for the year. I am 3-0 this week, so overall I'm 99-64. NFL experts at ESPN are here. Not much has changed in the standings from last week.

New Orleans
Kansas City
Tampa Bay
San Diego
New England

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There I was, trying to enjoy a nice relaxing day at home. You know, nothing special on my mind.

I wasn't even going to draw attention to this being my blog's 3rd birthday. I just thought I would spend it in quite seclusion.

Well, when I turned my attention to today's episode of Jeopardy, I could hardly believe my eyes and ears.

When Alex is busy announcing the categories for the day's competition, imagine my surprise when I see prominently displayed for all the world to see, the category title of...


Wow, what an honor!

I realize some of you may have missed this episode. So that you can't say I never did anything for you, I am "reproducing" the transcript of that portion of today's episode that dealt with me and my blog.

Just so the transcript makes sense, the contestants' names today were Wilberforce, Begonia, and Ed.

Enjoy. And thanks for reading.


Alex- Okay, Wilberforce, you have control of the board.

Wilberforce- I'll take Scottius Maximus for $200, Alex.

Alex- The subject of this blog's first "official" post.

[Deafening silence]

Begonia- "What is bad perfume?"

Alex- Uhh...nooo.

Wilberforce- "What is bad TV?"

Alex- So sorry, but that's incorrect. Ed?

Ed- "What is Talk Like A Pirate Day?"

Alex- Oooh, so sorry...The correct answer is "What is the Clinton Library?" Wilberforce, you still control the board.

WF- Alex, I'll try Scottius Maximus again for $400.

Alex- A former big leaguer in the 1960s and now a baseball announcer, he is this blog's most popular reference point and post subject.

Begonia- "Who is Ozzy Osbourne?"

Alex- OOH, so sorry. Anybody?

Wilberforce- "Who is Matt Foley?"

Alex- Errr...nooo.

Ed- "Who is Barry Manilow?"

Alex- No, sorry. "Who is Mike Shannon?" Wilberforce, pick again.

WF- How about Scottius Maximus for $600?

Alex- Mr. Maximus is particularly skilled at this.

Begonia- "What is creating Mt. Rushmores?"

Alex- I don't think so.

Wilberforce- "What is writing letters?"

Alex- Please.

Ed- "What is really, really, bad haiku?"

Alex- Yes, correct. Take control Ed.

Ed- Scottius Maximus for $800.

Alex- Definitely not his favorite subject.

Wilberforce- "What are UFOs?"

Alex- Sorry Wilberforce, that's incorrect. Begonia?

Begonia- "What is rugby?"

Alex- OOOH, noooo! Wilberforce?

Ed- "What is the International Dateline?"

Alex- Correct! Pick again.

Ed- I'll take Scottius Maximus for $1,000, Alex.

Alex- By no means, popular, it became the unofficial theme song of the Scottius Maximus blog.

Ed- "What is Real Men Of Genius?"

Alex- OOOH, noooo, I'm sorry. Anyone else?

Wilberforce- "What is In The Year 2525 2006?"

Alex- No. Begonia?

Begonia- "What is the Lawrence Welk show's champagne music?"

Alex- Correct! And that ends the category "Scottius Maximus". And, I must say, this has turned out to be the single greatest category in Jeopardy! history.


Okay, so maybe that last part didn't happen. Anyway, thanks everybody. Please keep visiting and commenting.

NFL Week 11 Picks

How else could last week have gone? After boasting about what a non-struggle it was to pick winners last week, I stumbled to a 5-9 record.

Not that anyone else did a lot better. Only Jaws, who doesn't pick the Monday Night game, managed a winning record for the week at 7-6.

For the year I am 85-59. Still ahead of Golic, Allen and Wickersham.

No more bye-weeks! A full slate of games today and tomorrow:

Green Bay
New England
New Orleans
Tampa Bay
St. Louis

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More Jinx Fodder

That last post got me thinking about my own record in sports rooting. It's not too good, really. My hypothesis before starting this post is this: that over 50% of the time the team I root for loses in the World Series.

Now obviously, I can't be a true "jinx", because the Cardinals just won the World Series last year. But, I have to humbly admit, I'm not the kind of person you want rooting for your team.

Let's look back, as far as my memory can take me, who I've rooted for in the World Series.

2007- Rockies. Lost.
2006- Cardinals. Won.
2005- Astros. Lost.
2004- Cardinals. Lost.
2003- Marlins. Won.
2002- Angels. Won.
2001- Yankees. Lost. How could I root for them? That was the year of 9/11, that's all.
2000- Mets. Lost.
1999- Braves. Lost.
1998- Padres. Lost.
1997- Indians. Lost.
1996- Yankees. Won. How could I root for them? Braves were defending champs.
1995- Indians. Lost.
1994- Nobody. How could I root for them? No World Series that year. Still lost.
1993- Phillies. Lost.
1992- Braves. Lost.
1991- Braves. Lost.
1990- Reds. Won.
1989- Giants. Lost.
1988- A's. Lost.
1987- Cardinals. Lost.
1986- Red Sox. Lost.
1985- Cardinals. Lost.
1984- Padres. Lost.
1983- Phillies. Lost.
1982- Cardinals. Won.
1981- Yankees. Lost.
1980- Royals. Lost.
1979- Orioles. Lost.
1978- Dodgers. Lost.
1977- Dodgers. Lost.
1976- Yankees. Lost.
1975- Red Sox. Lost.
1974- Dodgers. Lost.
1973- Mets. Lost.
1972- A's. Won.
1971- Pirates. Won.
1970- Orioles. Won.
1969- Mets. Won.
1968- Cardinals. Lost.
1967- Cardinals. Won. (Okay, I was just about to turn 4, so I guess I don't really remember that World Series. But I do remember being excited that they won).

Wow. That's depressing. A total of 40 World Series. And I've only rooted for the winner 11 times? And 5 of them were before 1973! The past 35 years I've only rooted for 6 World Series winners. From 1973 to 1989, I only rooted for 1 winner. ZOWIE!

I have a truly stunning .275 winning percentage.


Crown me, for I am Scottius Maximus- "Baseball Jinx".

Hugest Jinx?

I'd like to see a new reality program/game show by that name.

We've already had "The Biggest Loser" and "The Weakest Link". Why not a show where people who think they are "jinxes" compete to see who is the biggest jinx?

I'm assuming everyone knows what a "jinx" is. We've all known people who seem to be a "jinx", right? You know- whatever they do in this world turns from gold to crap. Why not let these people have a moment of glory?

First, you'd have to be nominated by someone else. A family member, friend, or co-worker who has witnessed "the jinx" in action.

Then have them select a rooting interest out of a group of sports teams vying in playoffs, and see who cannot seem to pick a winner.

For instance, start with 8 people, and have each one select a team to root for in each round of the MLB playoffs. This has nothing to do with who they THINK will win. This has everything to do with who they WANT to win.

I guarantee some poor schlub of those 8 would have rooted for, in this years playoffs: Philly over Colorado, Cubs over Diamondbacks, Yankees over Indians, and Angels over Red Sox. Then in the second round would have rooted for the Indians over the Red Sox and the Diamondbacks over the Rockies. Then in the World Series would have rooted for the Rockies over the Red Sox.

Whoever has the worst "rooting" record is crowned "the hugest jinx" in sports.

You could do it with the NFL Playoffs, the BCS bowl games, the NCAA hoops tourney, etc. It might be even better programming for these sports, because they're all "one and done" formats. Filming these people gripping each time their team starts to lose would be awesome TV.

Should I pitch the networks on this one?

New Society

I'm forming a new society, and am inviting you all to join.

All you have to do to join is promise to pronounce words exactly as the are spelled. No more silent letters. No more than one way to pronounce consonant groupings.

Why? Because the whole world is becoming to confusing and complicated. This gives us one less thing to worry about.

Maybe you'd like a trial run. Start with these words and see how you like it:

If anyone asks you why you're talking like that, just answer, "It's the Scottius way." We might earn some new recruits.

Next, we'll get rid of the word "an".

Wanna join?


Maybe. But I believe Whitey Herzog belongs in the baseball Hall Of Fame.

- He was a disciple of Casey Stengel.
- Two very successful stints as manager of the Royals and Cardinals. Six division championships, three pennants and one World Series title. The 1987 pennant, despite huge injuries the last month of the season, is as miraculous as last year's World Series.
- His style of play "forced the action", instead of today's waiting around for someone to hit a home run. With him it was speed, speed and more speed. Speed on offense. Speed on defense. It was really a far more exciting brand of baseball than what we have today. There was just a lot more action, far more movement.
- As general manager, he built the Cardinals to succeed. And he built the Angels in the 1990s, the core of which went on to win the 2002 World Series.

If I may plug something...if you are a baseball fan, then read the book "You're Missing A Great Game", written by Herzog and a man named Jonathan Pitts.

Whitey always has something to say and, even better, is not afraid to say it. The book is full of awesome stories. What a fun read.

Weekend Reading

Ezekiel 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21.

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Week 10 NFL Picks

Last week's 9-5 brought my record to 80-50. Here are the ESPN experts records and picks. I'm back in a tie again with Salisbury, which I consider to be a miracle in and of itself, considering how much smarter he is about these things than I am. I am also now tied with Mort.

I have never seen such a uniformity of picks between us all than I have this week. The only game I second guessed myself on was NY-Dallas.

Kansas City.
Green Bay.
New Orleans.

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Happy Birthday

Thanks to PTI, I remembered today is Bob Gibson's birthday, 2 days after my own. He is 72. He and Lou Brock were my favorite players as a kid.

You know you're good when the sport in which you are engaged changes it's rules because of you. His dominance of the year 1968 is credited with MLB's lowering the pitcher's mound 5 inches the following year.

Career highlights from Wikipedia:
  • 3,117 strikeouts
  • National League MVP (1968)
  • World Series MVP Award (1964, 1967)
  • 8-time All-Star (1962, 1965-70, 1972)
  • Gold Glove Award (1965-1973)
  • Cy Young Awards (1968, 1970)
  • ERA of 1.12 in 1968 is major league best in the Live Ball Era, 2nd best all-time ERA.
  • Seven World Series Wins
  • Record for most strikeouts during a World Series (35 Ks in 1968)
  • Record for most strikeouts in a World Series game (17 Ks in Game One, 1968)
  • St. Louis Cardinals All-Time Leader in wins (251), innings (3,884 ⅓), strikeouts (3,117), games started (482), complete games (255), shutouts (56), wild pitches (108), hit batsmen (102) and batters faced (16,068).
  • Holds Cardinals single season records for ERA (1.12 in 1968), WHIP (.853 in 1968), Hits Allowed per 9 IP (5.85 in 1968), and shutouts (13 in 1968).

Is This Happening Everywhere?

I was shocked when an NBA referee was fired for being involved in gambling/point shaving.

That's bad enough, but when compared to the world of tennis, it is really quite tame.

And no, I can't believe I typed that last sentence. But tennis is a sport that has become far seedier than boxing ever was.

In the past month the tennis world has rocked us all with these revelations:
- Accusations of match fixing.
- A major women's player is a cokehead (errrrrrrr- allegedly.)

I long for the good old days.

Look, I know John McEnroe was a brat, but I don't think he ever poisoned anybody.


Since when did tennis become more entertaining to follow than the WWE?

These story lines are much better than anything I'm following in sports presently, even pro wrestling.

Which makes me wonder- when is Roger Federer going to club a line judge, or an opponent, in the back with a folding chair?

Or why not have Andy Roddick blast his next opponent in the eyes with talc or salt during the middle of his next match?

This is what tennis has become?

People used to make movies about the dark side of boxing. I guess that's now over, now that tennis has officially crawled under a rock.

They'll have to remake "On The Waterfront" and put Terry Malloy in tennis shorts and move the location to Wimbledon.

"The Champ" will now end with Billy Flynn being pummelled to death in a hailstorm of heavier than regulation tennis balls during the US Open.

I can't wait to hear about what's really going on behind the scenes in the world of the PGA. It's awfully quiet over there. Maybe someone is involved in an international drug ring. Or smuggling stolen jewels. Or kidnapping. Or...murder.

That's the only thing that will make me forget the sordid world of professional tennis.

Why Celebrate?

Some people celebrate Reformation Day. I don't.

I think it is a day for mourning and being depressed. The whole thing is quite sad.

It's sad that the Roman Catholic Church, or "Western Church", if you will, could not accept we are saved by God's grace alone through faith alone, and that faith being a work of God and not of man.

And for those who are now separated from the Roman Catholic Church, was this really a good thing?

When one looks at what has happened to "the Protestant world" since then, it should make one cry.

It has become every man for himself, in a way, just like the Romans said it would be.

We have the Lutheran Confessions, but since everyone else also has the scriptures now, it can all be twisted around. And it has been.

Witness all the Protestant factions, cults, TV ministers, church growthers, and liberalism that has, I dare say, resulted directly from the Reformation.

Now, I am thankful that we don't live in a world under the rule of a ruthless and maniacal pope. But sometimes when I look at what has happened to Christianity since the Reformation, it makes me feel bad.

So forgive me for not thinking it a day to celebrate.

Friday Reading

Jeremiah 51 and 52.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Thursday Reading

Jeremiah 49 and 50.

And for those of you who want to start the New Testament over again, go to Matthew 1.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

My Idea To Fundamentally Change The World

It's really simple.


A gigantic tube system that connects the entire world.

You'll never have to leave your home. Just order up what you need and have it tubed to your house.

Got garbage? Just tube it away to the dump.

No more need for cars. Therefore no pollution. No global warming. And the Middle East ceases to be important once again.

The only people who will ever need to leave their houses again are the "tube fixers" and "tube builders".

Just remember it was my idea.

And what do I ask in return? Nothing but to ask you to keep reading this blog. For there are lots more ideas rolling around up there in my head. And you wouldn't want to miss them.

You're welcome.

Wednesday Reading

Jeremiah 48. Revelation 22.

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Monday And Tuesday Reading

Jeremiah 42, 43 and 44. Revelation 20.

Jeremiah 45, 46 and 47. Revelation 21.

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NFL Picks

Last week a mediocre 8-5 leaves me 71-45 for the year. ESPN experts here. I've now fallen behind the might Salisbury. Which is where I belong anyway. I'm now ahead of only Wickersham, Allen, and Golic.

Tampa Bay.
Kansas City.
New Orleans.
San Diego.
San Francisco.
Indianapolis. Only because Peyton Manning IS funnier. I was going to root for them anyway, so why not go all in and pick them, too?

I also predict a victory for the Bears- because they don't have to play anyone this week.

Weekend Reading

Jeremiah 36, 37, 38, 39, 40 and 41. Revelation 18 and 19.

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Vote For Mike!

Mike Shannon is up once again for the Hall Of Fame's Ford Frick Award!

His broadcasting credentials are legendary. Just type in his name above and search this blog if you don't believe me!

Click here and vote for Mike.

Manning Or Brady?

Who'd you rather have?

In keeping with the Colts-Pats theme, I decided we would examine that question.

But it would be too difficult and tedious to decide this by examining things like statistics.

That would be too close a call. A tie, if you will.

There's only one way to decide this.

Dueling SNLs!

I would let who would be my quarterback come down to this- who is going to make me laugh?

You be the judge.

The Best Sports Can Offer

This is another one of those weekends that promises everything and will probably deliver nothing.

Never before have two undefeated teams met this late in the NFL season. The winner will have the upper hand in advancing to the Super Bowl.

The defending champion Colts, getting little respect, are playing the team the media has crowned champion for this season, the Patriots, this weekend. And since I make NFL picks each week, I cannot stay neutral. Or keep my mouth shut. So I must weigh in.

It should be a great game. Which means it probably won't be.

And you'll have to tune in Sunday to see who I'm picking, which may or may not be the team I am rooting for.

Friday Reading

Jeremiah 33, 34 and 35. Revelation 17.

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Thursday Reading

Jeremiah 31 and 32. Revelation 16.

With two months to go this year, I've done fair in accomplishing my 2007 goals:
1. Reading- I'm way ahead of schedule for getting through the New Testament this year. Obviously I should finish that in 6 days. I'm now right on schedule for getting through the Old Testament by the end of the year, but since we are finishing the New Testament early, I may accelerate by adding an extra chapter a day to the Old Testament Reading. This would let us be done a couple weeks early.

2. Exercise-Totals through the end of October: 17,350 Hindu Squats and 17,335 Hindu Pushups.

The first goal I won't make is neck bridging. I had to stop that in late July because I was getting dizziness and nausea while doing this. I'll have to think of a new exercise to replace it next year, because I think my days of doing this are now over.

3. Landscaping- I was able to successfully grow the following from seed: blue fescue grass, malvia, shasta daisy, and another plant I haven't identified because I forgot to mark what it was after it was planted. I saved all my seed packets, so once it flowers I hope to be able to identify it. I also got some great marigolds and bachelor buttons.

I was unsuccessful with hollyhock, bellflower, coneflower and a couple of others. Will try planting earlier in the spring before it gets too hot. The way the weather is going, that may mean February.

Also got some green beans, radishes and snap peas from seed. Planted new shrubs I bought, including holly, blue star junipers, golden privet, boxwood and prunus cistena.

Due to a lack of rain, the ground was at times as hard as rock. So I'm only 1/3 of the way done with a terraced slope retaining wall that I wanted to have done by the end of the year. Now that it has rained again, I still have hope of completing this before year's end, if weather cooperates.

4. Foreign language- I really haven't been putting forth much effort in this area. My interest level has not been high, therefore, I have not been faithful in doing much. I have failed here.