Sunday, July 16, 2006

Newt's Taking His Cues...

...from of all people- ME!

Like him or not, you have to admit that Newt Gingrich is an incredibly intelligent guy, in a worldly sense. I just didn't know he read Scottius Maximus.

When I saw this article linked on the Drudge Report, I had to read it. Because it is just what I had posted on Friday.

Now I'm waiting to see what Newt has to say about Ted Nugent.

Golly, I mean, I knew CBS News' Melissa McNamara has read Scottius Maximus. I didn't know Newt did too!


Quipper said...

Wow, you've gone national!!! Awesome.

I read Melissa McNamara's piece. That's great.


Barb the Evil Genius said...

Drudge doesn't think WW III has started yet though. He must not be as smart as you.

Scottius Maximus said...

The Quipper,
Just an isolated incident, I'm sure. But thank you anyway. It was kind of cool in a worldly sense.

Where did you read that? Not the WW III part. The " smart as you" part!

Barb the Evil Genius said...

Well, Newt is intelligent. He is taking his cues from you (i.e. that we are in WW III.)

Drudge is not taking his cues from you, as he said on his radio show Sunday night that he does not think we are in WW III. Therefore, he must not be as smart as you! :)

TKls2myhrt said...

I'm sitting here with my mouth wide open in pleased shock. Holy cow! I mean, Holy Chimp! Oh I definitely posting this news.

Scottius Maximus said...

Let's face it. I'm no Drudge, Newt, or anyone else. "I'm just a simple country doctor."

Don't be shocked! I'm not really more intelligent than Drudge.