Friday, November 19, 2004

Bush Behavior

I like President Bush and voted for him twice. But his propensity this week for kissing the females who work for him is wrong.

Where does this take any future interactions with these women, and also the other women who work for him who aren't greeted with a kiss? Is the standard greeting each morning going to be a kiss? What if in the future he greets the women with a handshake? Will they think to themselves "am I in trouble, he used to greet me with a kiss"? I can't believe anyone else would kiss their co-workers or subordinates in this day and age.

Kissing is for family members and spouses (okay, and boyfriends/girlfriends). I would also say the same thing about hugs. My friend Merv's wife, Minka, hugs everybody. Everyone should have their personal space respected.

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