Tuesday, November 30, 2004

You Can't Quit Me, I'm Fired

Why all the media obsession with job status as it relates to those willing to subject themselves to coach or manage? One minute a guy's job is safe, and then shortly afterwards it's over. Just last week, we heard Butch Davis was going to be the Cleveland Browns coach until the end of the year. Now he is gone (quit, or fired, no one really knows except those on the inside). Why obsess about something where the information one obtains regarding hiring and firing is so consistently unreliable? But reporters continue to feed us reports regarding a coach's security that within days turn out to be wrong. Bottom line- reports on job status should not be taken seriously. No one knows what is going on, so don't waste time reading these stories.

By the way, wouldn't it be interesting if reporters showed up at your job site and pestered you and your boss about how secure your job was? What a funner(?) world it would be.