Friday, December 10, 2004

Cheech And Chong Even Knew Who He Was

I was watching an awful TV program last night with my family on TV Land about the 100 best something in TV history, which included the 1972 Summer Olympic Murders. On one of the clips about the infamous terrorist Arafattack, I saw a flash from the past that I had forgotten all about. Remember Chris Schenkel? I loved that guy. He had the best voice and delivery of any sportscaster in history (yes I know Cards fans, Jack Buck, Jack Buck, but to me Jack is #1a). I don't believe any one could even argue this. He was so cool, soothing, and serene he was almost surreal. Just remembering hearing his distinct voice on Knicks games on ABC when I was a kid, or on college football, or even bowling for crying out loud, brings me great joy. I think he even did some American Sportman shows (could be wrong about this) and some Wide World of Sports segments. It's funny how my memories of pre-cable weekend sports shows are more meaningful to me than anything produced in the super-saturated era we live in now. Maybe it's because I was just a kid. Anyway, I miss Chris Schenkel. He did not try to be mister phoney-baloney personality guy. And from what I've read about him, he was an even better guy than he was professional sports announcer.

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