Monday, December 20, 2004

Dark, Disturbing, Demented, Deranged, Destructive, Disgusting

What is the matter with these parents? They should lose the right to be parents. Somebody call the department of child welfare. Someone obtain the roster of children who went and rescue them please. Can a parent be more lame? Let's see...there is a free trip to an alleged child molester's home...okay, sign me and my kids up. Come on, what could possibly happen? It's not like there's ever been any funny business connected with this man. What's that? There has been? These people must have left the earth for too long for them not to know better. Or they are just evil. Next time someone in my part of the world is arrested for molesting children, I bet there won't be a busload of kids and parents pulling up to visit the home.

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