Wednesday, December 22, 2004

NFL On The Runway

Wonderful website for fashion critics in the sports industry. I could literally spend hours here. Of all the major sports, the football uniform is the best. I think this is because of the helmet factor, the most important part of the uniform (for more than just a fashion reason). I mean, baseball has helmets and caps, but there is no room for design creativity. And I can't figure out why baseball uniforms have caps anyway unless it is for sun defense. But that doesn't help at night or indoors. Sorry, I digress.

So what is the best and worst the NFL has to offer? I will try to analyze this over the next few days to weeks. And how does one determine this? There are also so many home and away versions for all teams. So, to break this down, let's look at the uniform in its component parts, then the overall effect, in both home and away versions which can then be averaged, factor in a miscellaneous historical score (if the uniform has evolved significantly over time), and come up with an overall rating for each team.

I will use the following scale:
-2= Gollum ugly
-1 = Simply unattractive
0 = Neutral/okay
1 = Attractive
2 = Sweet

Categories will be:
Helmet design (-2 to 2 points)
Color Scheme (-2 to 2 points, average of home and away)
Jersey (-2 to 2 points, average of home and away)
Leg and Footwear (-2 to 2 points, average of home and away)
Overall Effect (-2 to 2 points, average of home and away)
Miscellaneous Historical Factor (+/- any number of points)

Totals will be the sum of the above scores. Winner has the most points, loser the least.

Why do this? Well, why not? Besides, isn't this is the kind of crap for which Algore invented the internet?

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