Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Now For Some Good News

Good move (I think) by the Cardinals in re-signing Matt Morris. Much less money than last year even considering incentives, and with a lot of potential upside if he recovers from injury, a la Chris Carpenter. Downside is that we could get more of Bad Matt (AKA Ttam Sirrom*) than Good Matt. But the real risk has been decreased by it being only a one year deal.

More good news with Matheny and Renteria being offered arbitration. And the Cubs are strapped with Nomar for an entire year.

I would also consider Tony Womack signing with the Yankees to be good for the Cardinals. I know of no one who thinks Womack will equal or surpass last season's performance. The only down side is not being able to say "Tony Wo" any more when talking about our second baseman.

Perhaps 2005 will not signal the return of the Slanidracs**.

*Ttam Sirrom- Bad Matt Morris, hails from Bizarro World, where pitchers want and like to give up home runs.
**Slanidracs- The Anti-Cardinals, the Bad Cardinals, from Bizarro World also. They are known to show up to play in place of the real Cardinals from time to time. Last sightings: 2004 World Series, September 2003.

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