Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Dumb And Dumber

1- Dumb. Apparently, Randy Johnson has been a little overwhelmed, giving him an excuse to mistreat a cameraman. At his press conference yesterday, he said something to the effect that he isn't used to having all this attention and he didn't know how to handle it. Wow. He must be the only guy on the planet who would not have known what he was getting in to by being traded to the Yankees. I mean, I never got near to playing professional baseball, but I know if you go to play for the Yankees, you are going to get a lot of attention, more than anywhere else on the planet. So RJ is either a moron, or he's lying and using the "I'm overwhelmed" excuse to avoid responsibility for being obnoxious.

2- Dumber. Heeee's baaaack. Dork Vander Smack. I have nothing more to add to this moron's story. It speaks for itself. And this weekend, go Patriots.

Idiot kicker, meet idiot pitcher. Idiot pitcher, meet idiot kicker.

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