Friday, January 14, 2005

NFL Experts Pick Colts, But Primate Picks Pats...Film At 11

I am not a football expert and don't claim to be. But I am pretty good at picking winners. I don't get how almost everyone is counting out the Patriots this weekend against the Colts. This New England team has won 2 of the last 3 Super Bowls. They don't lose playoff home games. The playing field is a mess. It's cold. Bill Bellichick is the best football coach practicing at present. The Colts have an eight game losing streak in Foxboro. Peyton Manning has never won "the big game". Tony Dungy has never won "the big game". Peyton Manning looked unbeatable going in to the AFC championship last year too, and got blasted. And the Colts have an idiot kicker. These are my reasons for picking New England. All I hear anyone say to defend their pick of Indianapolis are two words: Peyton Manning. I'm sorry, as good as he is, you have got to have more than one reason to pick a team. How much more does this New England team have to do to get some respect? Kind of reminds me of how I think the 2005 St. Louis Cardinals will not be getting any love during this season, because everyone will be back on the Cubs bandwagon.

The winner is...New England. I'm not saying that I'd be shocked if Indianapolis wins, but I just can't pick them against their nemesis until they prove they can overcome.


  1. Interesting take...hard to argue. If anything, I think the Colts are due. They've been too good to continually choke. I think an equally interesting match up is that of StL vs. ATL. It's hard not to take StL, particularly getting 7 points.

  2. Good point. Colts are due. One of these times they will win, I just don't know when. So I can't pick them until they slay their dragon. Kind of like in the NBA, waiting for the Bulls to slay the Pistons in the early 90's or the Pistons to slay the Celtics and then the Lakers in the late 80's. I waited for the Knicks to slay the Bulls in the mid 90's (Michael-less 1994 doesn't count), but it never happened, even though I thought they were due to break through just once.

    St. Louis vs. Atlanta is an interesting match up. Any one who tells you they know who is winning that one is a liar. It all depends on which Rams team shows up, I think, and no one can predict that. They can be hideously bad, or spectacularly good. Hardly ever in-between. My hunch is to go with the favorite (Atlanta) when a schizophrenic team is playing, but who knows?