Wednesday, January 26, 2005

This Date Line Thing Is Blowing My Mind

Tonight (1/26/05) on ESPN are the women's semifinal tennis matches in the Australian Open. But is it really on tonight, because in Australia, they are actually playing tomorrow (1/27/05). So when I watch this tonight am I really watching something taking place tomorrow? Am I looking in to the future? Or is it actually taking place today, even though the date of the match is tomorrow (1/27/05)? But how could the match be on 1/27/05 if it's really 1/26/05 when I am watching? If they are playing tomorrow, how is it I am going to watch it tonight? And if they are actually playing today, then how come in Australia it is already tomorrow, which is plainly not today? How can all this be? I don't think it can be. I'm so confused...somebody help me.

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