Friday, February 11, 2005

I Smell An Aerosmith Song

I know the world is going to hell. But still, did we really need this? Couldn't we have gone a few more years before this started to happen? The idea has been out there awhile. I know some men are desparate to play golf professionally. I mean, there is good money in it. But dude...did you have to go that far?

Is this the new way of breaking in to the professional game? Are we going to see a run of this behavior for the sake of a few bucks? Once this door has been opened, and it now has, look out.

New golf coach scenario:
Student: Gee coach, do you think if I work harder on my game, and practice longer hours, and spend more time in the gym, I might have a chance to make it on the PGA tour?
Golf coach: No, son, I am afraid not. You just don't have the power in your swing to drive the ball long. But have you considered the LPGA?
Student: LPGA?
Golf coach: Sit down son, I guess we need to talk...

I fear for my children's future. God help us.

We now have a little haiku about our ever sickening world:

A man's shown the way
To play the LPGA.
Dude sawed off his junk.

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