Wednesday, February 02, 2005

I Think Weathermen Are Starting To Make Things Up

In my 41 years, I had never heard the term "freezing fog" until this year. And now I'm hearing it frequently. Just last week we had a "freezing fog advisory". Freezing fog? What the heck is that? Does that mean there are tiny ice particles floating in the air? If you walk outside, are you suddenly pelted by suspended crystals of H2O which are defying gravity? Or does it attack a person like some living monster, encasing its victim in a terrifying lattice of suspended icey horror? Freezing fog? Good grief, I already have enough problems.

For those of you like me that have to find out what freezing fog is, look here.

Oh, and another thing. Why do they have to add that little line in the warning about conditions becoming hazardous or even dangerous? I see this all the time when a weather advisory comes on. If you're going to raise my anxiety level by giving me an advisory about a weather condition, it pretty darn well be a hazardous situation. I don't want you issuing an advisory that there will be mild conditions with a light breeze today. When I see an advisory about the weather, I don't need the extra warning about conditions being hazardous. I can assume that. What else would you be warning me about?

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