Saturday, February 19, 2005

Just How Do You Think This Thing Works?

The following is a reenactment of a real scenario that played out between my wife and I this week. By the way, she laughed as much about it as I did, and have her permission to pass this on. Trust me, she is a better person than I am, and do not mean to imply that she is not smart, but only distracted by being too busy.

Scene: A busy weekday morning. Husband is working at one office, wife at another. A request for wife to fax husband a couple of papers he needs is made via telephone. After not receiving the fax for over 30 minutes, husband calls wife again to make a second request.

Husband: Could you please fax me those papers, I need them now.
Wife (a bit surprised): You didn't get them? I faxed them about a half hour ago.
Husband: I didn't get them. Are you sure you faxed them to the right place?
Wife: Oops, I sent it to the wrong number. I sent them to scheduling. Sorry.
Husband: That's okay. Just send them now, please.
Wife: Okay, I'll just call the scheduling department and have them fax the papers back to me as soon as possible. It shouldn't take too long.
Husband: Okay, I'll be--Wait, what did you say?
Wife: I'll have to call scheduling and have them fax the papers back, then I'll send them along to you.
Husband (confused): Huh? What, did you shred them or something?
Wife: No, I faxed them to the scheduling department. What do you mean?
Husband (voice volume starting to raise a little): What are you talking about?
Wife (voice volume rising in return): The papers you need. I've already faxed them, but I faxed them to the wrong place. When I get them back I'll send them to you.
Husband (not sure what is going on): WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? ARE THE PAPERS THERE OR NOT?
Wife: Oh, yeah, I guess they are. (Now starting to laugh). I'll send them right over.

Husband (sighing): Thank you my dear.

The End.

Moral: Then conveniences of life which were invented to simplify it are making us busier and more confused than we were before.

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