Saturday, March 05, 2005

Ablaze! Story Of The Month

Personal invitation to two persons.
New York, NY. February 2005.

"While walking to work, I spotted two people in white suits fighting on the steps of the New York library. I yelled out to them to invite them to a "Seekers Concert" starring Amy Grant at Madison Square Garden next week, sponsored in part by my Lutheran church. I know I was heard, because one of them looked away from what she was doing and spotted me, just before the other slashed at her arm (quite viciously, I might add) with a sword-like weapon. I hope I was able to reach them before someone got hurt."

People reached: At least one, I think.

For more information about Ablaze! click here. Hopefully you will understand what I am writing about if you don't already. I write this post in jest, of course, to again point out the shortcomings of the type of thinking at work here. I fear this program, Ablaze!, makes a mockery of us Lutherans, and is therefore, fair game for ridicule. People do not bring others to Christ, folks; that is the work of God alone. And yet the LCMS has developed a human-constructed purpose-driven corporate-psychology numbers game to reach 100,000,000 people by 2017, whatever that means. Why can't we all just be who we are, and not get caught up in typical American Protestant games with a look-at-what-we're-doing mentality? I post this for fun, sure, but also so I can point out what I perceive as the errors of those who get wrapped up in such things, which, since man-derived, are doomed to failure. And when they fail I fear that the enemies of our Lord are emboldened to ridicule Lutherans, as well as all Christians.

So let's just be Lutheran, okay? Okay!

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