Thursday, March 10, 2005

Another Word Of The Month

For March, it is the little used word figment. No, not the fruity cake bars we all love. And not the stuff that gives things color.

Figment: Something invented, made up, or fabricated: just a figment of the imagination; a contrived or fantastic idea. (Middle English, from Latin figmentum, from fingere, to form.) From

My question is, can one use figment in a sentence without the phrase "of the imagination" trailing it? My answer is, of course. As if I know anything. I just made that up. My answer, therefore, is a figment.

Figment is a noun. Why can't we try it some time as a verb? Like, "I am figmenting a new post right now", or "Edison figmented the light bulb." Sounds kind of cool, doesn't it?

Behold, figment, March 2005 word of the month.

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