Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Stay Alert At All Costs

Being the horribly sinful being that I am, sometimes my mind wanders during the preaching of God's word. Tonight at church, my pastor began to preach from Leviticus 23 regarding the Lord's Feast of Tabernacles. My wretched mind being what it is, meandered away from what was being preached for a brief moment or ten. But my brain snapped back to attention, when I could have sworn I heard him say something about the Israelites and their festival of booze.

Festival of booze? I think to myself. I'm suddenly attentive. Then he said it again. This has struck me dumbfounded. By this time, I am looking around the congregation, trying to see the response from the rest of my cohorts. But there is no apparent reaction. "Wake up everyone", I want to scream out loud, "didn't you hear what he just said?" But everyone is just sitting normally, like they know what he is talking about. Well, I don't. This is an amazing topic the pastor is talking about, yet I know nothing about it. I have read and know my Bible (not like I should, mind you), but I don't remember any booze festivals. Booze festivals? Are you kidding me?

I am about to whisper something in my wife's ear to the effect of "what's he talking about, did he really just say what I thought he said, and why aren't you puzzled by it also?" But I then remembered tonight's scripture, which my pastor was in the midst of explaining, and which I was royally missing. He wasn't talking about festivals of booze after all. He was saying "booths". "Live in booths for seven days: All native-born Israelites are to live in booths, so your descendants will know that I had the Israelites live in booths when I brought them out of Egypt. I am the Lord your God." - Leviticus 23: 42-43.

Duh! Never mind.

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