Thursday, April 14, 2005

In Keeping With The Theme...

My favorite blogs, such as Kiihnworld, and Bunnie Diehl, have had music discussions this past week. Websites such as MSN have also had a number of music related articles. So...

My favorite band name of all time is Chuckie And The No Codes, a local band comprised of doctor-musicians. But what are the worst band names ever (besides Hootie And The Blowfish)? Here are my nominees:

Dolly And The Dandruff
Scabies And Scurvy
D&D Losers
The Foo Farters
Led Blimp
Loving Leprachauns
Steroid Banshee
Risky Whiskers
The Inert Rocks
Milquetoast WASPs
The Oil Glands

Blind Fruit Salad
The Marlboro Corpses
Barking Dork
The Dancing Kleenex
Pregnant Poodles
The Bad Scabz
Hairlipped Leaches
The Skittles Boyz
Nematode And The Pustular Fish
Bashing Squashes
Flatulent Assassins
Indecisive Indians
Costanza's Cult
Fingertip Chili
Superman's Sores
The Oozing Humours

How about some others?


  1. You forgot my favorite band name: The Zambonis! Ok, so it's not a weird name, but it certainly is original.

  2. Ahh, a hockey reference! Who are these guys?