Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Pirates Are Good

These Pittsburgh Pirates are not the same. This team is not GOING to be good, they ARE good. I remember thinking they had blown up their team a couple of years ago. Now I'm not so sure they didn't know what they were doing all along. I know they have lost 12 in a row to the Cardinals, but they have given the Cardinals all they can handle the past two nights. Granted, the Cardinals are at less than full strength, but there are some things I can just sense are happening: the Pirates are gaining confidence to go with some outstanding pitching. I won't predict they will make the playoffs just yet, because they won't. But they are definitely moving in the right direction. Something I didn't think was happening in 2003 when they had their fire sale to the Cubs.

Tonight we should have just as good of a pitched game as the past two nights. Mulder v. Redman. I'm a little sluggish today after last night's 12 inning affair, and I am expecting more of the same tonight. Better grab a quick nap. The season has definitely heated up as far as I'm concerned.

And in case you missed it the past two nights, the highlight plays of the game are linked on the Cardinals official MLB website, under the heading More Sights And Sounds. What can you say about Albert Pujols except: Best. Player. In. The. Game.

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