Wednesday, May 04, 2005

'Splain, Star Wars Fans

I'm not a Star Wars fan. But this is shocking to me. No, not the "porn" on the inside. The fact that an "actor" is used for this Star Wars character, R2D2. In this day of high tech special effects, computer imaging and the like, what possessed the producer to make a little man get inside this gizmo and "act"? Wouldn't it be cheaper for someone to just build a robot that could make whistling noises and roll around? Seems like a no-brainer to me. Does this guy have 3 legs like the character? If not, how does a 2-legged man control this 3-legged contraption? And if you're going to stuff some dude down inside, why get a 70 YEAR OLD? How does that go down?

Producer: Let's get someone, an actor, to play R2D2. We can stuff a little person down a metallic cylindrical oven-like thing.
Lackey: Sounds good, chief.
Producer: And let's get a guy with 3 legs.
Sycophant: Another good idea, chief.
Producer: But let's not get someone in the prime of life who's a picture of health. No, let's get an old guy, say, at least 70, to get in this bucket of hell and stumble around. Maybe you can stick some porno pictures inside to entice him to get in and make him wheeze more than he would have otherwise.
Toady: That's a winner, chief. This can't miss. You're a genius.

I don't get it.

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