Friday, June 03, 2005

If You Can Sing- Record This For A New #1 Hit

"My Blogs Salute", copyright 2005, words by Scottius Maximus, to be sung to the tune of "Winter Wonderland".

"Bloggers write,
Are you reading?
On the web,
R-S-S feeding.
I stay up real late,
That stack of bills- it can wait,
Surfing through a blogger wonderland.

Gone away, is Redbird Nation.
Here to stay- our consternation.

Brian Gunn was the man,
For all Cardinal fans.
Surfing through a blogging wonderland.

But out there still is Dan at Get Up, Baby,
Making sure great Cardinals postings still abound.
And Pastor Paul makes me so happy to be Lutheran,
By posting pictures of "Communion Clowns".

By the way, where's Pastor Brondos?
For three weeks, he has no new posts.
Be Strong in the Grace,
Has taken his place,
Surfing through a blogging wonderland.

World Mag has more bloggers than I can read.
If you don't like it- you can go away.
You'll never have a church-growth thought accost you,
If you just read the Bunnie every day.

Well, I've just spent, two hours of time,
trying to get, Kiihnworld to rhyme
With just one English phrase,
But that could take days.
Surfing through a blogger wonderland."

Thanks to all of you who write blogs I visit (as noted above) or who visit this blog! It's been fun so far. Blessings.

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