Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Hair Transplants And The St. Louis Cardinals?

Matt Morris beard has been getting trimmed thinner and thinner. It has to be the St. Louis summer heat. When I saw him pitching on Monday, I momentarily thought he had gone with the goatee, but close up shots showed he has thinned down the sides quite a bit. The Grizzly Adams look is gone. And who can blame him this time of year in St. Louis?

But the curious thing is, Scott Rolen was not in the lineup Monday night. Then on Tuesday night, he starts the game. And he has some thing growing on his face. I'm still not sure what it is, but it seems to be in 3 pieces. There are two pieces that end below his side burns on each side over the jaw, and then one central piece around the mouth. I'm not sure, but his hair, the jaw piece hair, and the mouth piece hair, all seem to have different colors.

Is it too science fiction of me to propose that someone has transplanted the trimmings from Morris' beard to Rolen? He's always had such a baby face that maybe he couldn't grow his own beard. Maybe Matt loaned him some shavings, which were transplanted Monday. Hence, he was not in the lineup.

And did you notice how every time he swung the bat and missed last night, Rolen was in obvious pain. He even yelled out on a couple of cuts that didn't connect in the 7th inning. Joe Buck and Al Hrabosky were quick to point this out. But I don't think it's from any injury, like Joe and Al. I think it's because when he follows through on his swing, not making contact whips his neck and head enough that the stubble from the transplant cuts into his still delicate facial skin.

Rolen needs to be on the DL. I think he will be soon.


  1. Dalton Bilsky's wise words.

    "So pretty much don't do it just because. There is no making it right with the fans in regards to Daniel Bryan. Anything they do now is to save face. How many times can WWE do that before the fans are allowed to get mad? 3 times? 5? Why would you support a product that clearly shows it doesn't care what you think? Bryan isn't the only person fans are behind who doesn't get pushed. Ziggler, Cesaro, these names ring any bells? WWE is a company and can do what it wants but that doesn't mean fans need to support that.

    In terms of it hurting the wrestlers, it hurts some but is Cena really going to lose out because you don't watch the network? Besides, that is a poor excuse - do you eat at places you don't like because if you don't, it will hurt the staff? It's your money, spend it where you get the value. Like you said, WWE isn't going away anytime soon but losing a bunch of subscriptions might make them rethink their direction."

  2. Matt Morris was a fine pitcher. However, his wife Heather Reader was a hack writer for the Cubs! Why posted her drivel...oh that's right! There are a total pile of feces, that's what they are!