Thursday, July 07, 2005

Hey National League- Is That The NBA Eastern Conference In Your Pocket, Or...Yada Yada Yada?

Who doesn't believe the NBA Western Conference is much better than the NBA Eastern Conference? From top to bottom. And who doesn't believe the AFC is superior to the NFC right now? Well hold the presses, because I'm nominating the National League to join the National Association of the Downright Sucky.

Why would I promote membership in NADS for the National League, when my beloved St. Louis Cardinals are a part of it? Because the National League is truly NADS-worthy.

I may be looked upon as a heretic to say this- but I think I am only speaking the truth- when I say that if the Cardinals were in the American League, they would be battling for a wildcard position. The way this team has played the first half of the year, it is obvious to me that if the Cardinals should manage another NL pennant (and judging from the talent level in this league, it should NOT NOT happen), they will struggle to win more than one game against whoever the AL throws up against them. In other words, all of us fans who came in to the year thinking World Series Championship or Bust, should have come to the conclusion that this team and this particular make-up is not going to get the job done.

May Walt Jocketty make a move before August 31.

To me, there are at least 3 teams in the AL that are great, as good or better than St. Louis: The Sox Brothers and the Angels of Los Angeles Via Orange County.

The American League, in addition, has several teams that are good but not great: Minnesota, New York, Baltimore, Toronto, Cleveland, and Texas. And we all know New York and Minnesota have the POTENTIAL (there's that word) to be great.

Sounds like the NBA Western Conference, doesn't it?

The National League has one great team (El Birdos), and two good teams, Washington and Atlanta. The rest of the league is either mediocre or just plain awful.

Sounds like the NBA Eastern Conference, doesn't it?

So obviously the NL belongs in the NADS, no?

The two worst divisions in baseball are in the NL- the West, which is THE WORST, followed closely by the Central. Look at the breakdown of the Cardinals record:
Vs. NL East: 7-8
Vs. AL Central: 2-1
Vs. NL West: 11-8
Vs. AL East: 8-4 (which is misleading because 3 of the wins were against the D-Rays)
Vs. NL Central: 26-9!

YUCK! Folks, the Cardinals are not as good as they look on paper with a 54-30 record. They have a record of 28-21 outside their own weak division. That's not a team that's going to get it done. World Series-speaking.

I EXPECT St. Louis to win the pennant again this year. They are the best team in the National League, although I expect the Braves to give them a run for that title as the year drags on. But unless the Cardinals get better, another disappointment is going to follow.

How's the "Buffalo Cardinals", or "St. Louis Bills" sound? Not so good, eh?

Mr. Jocketty, you have my written permission to make some moves.

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