Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I'm Frightened!

I've never been a Star Wars fan. I saw the first two movies a few years back. I never understood what the big deal was. People just went nuts. I thought the first film was campy at best. The second film I do feel was better. By the time the third film came out I was in college and really didn't care. So I've never seen it.

Nor any of the three films made in the past seven years.

I think God may be punishing me now. Because I spent a good part of the last 20 years making fun of the geeks and dorks (oops, there I go again) who camp out in front of theaters and walk around in Darth Vader and Chewbacca costumes. I know it was wrong. I shouldn't have done it. But I did. The crowning glory in all this was two months ago, when I watched this video of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog interviewing Star Wars fans outside a movie theater in New York. You know, the typical Star Wars losers. Sorry, there I go again. But that was one of the single funniest video clips I have ever seen. If you haven't seen it, you've got to click on the link above and do so. It will only take 10 minutes of your time. I really am sorry for laughing so hard. It's terrrible. I know it is. I know that some of the comments are crude. I'm sorry. But it was just SO FUNNY.

So now, after saying all of this, what do you think has happened? No, I'm not now a Star Wars fan. Good gracious. Are you insane?

No, but it's just as bad. My poor son has recently seen the first movie due to a friend's recommendation. And he liked it. Yesterday he saw the second one. And liked it even more.

Now what do I do? I know I shouldn't have used the words dweebs, nerds, losers, freaks, and various other derogatory terms for Star Wars fans. Now my son may be becoming one. I guess my sin has found me out. I am truly sorry.

Is there an organization I can turn to? You know, for parents whose kids have become the very thing they used to have such a glorious time making fun of. I mean, I know to ask God for His forgiveness. I was really mean to do what I did. But how do other parents handle this. I know there are worse things to happen. At least it's not like I'm joining PFLAG or something. But I need support.

I know I can't be the only one out there in this predicament. There must be some organization. Maybe I should do a Google search. For POPSWK, or something. You know, Parents of Pathetic Star Wars Kids. Or something.

Maybe it's just a phase,though; it's just a phase he's going through. Maybe he'll just think it's a nice story and leave it at that. Maybe he won't want a "WOOKIE SUIT" for Christmas. Maybe playing with plastic light sabers won't appeal to him.

I've got to give him some credit. He'll figure it out for himself, I'm sure. If not, there is always the Triumph video to show him.

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