Saturday, July 02, 2005

Latest Reality TV News

From Jeff at the great "Beautiful Atrocities":


fnjul1.jpgResponding to nancy pressure-groups, ABC pulled the plug on its new reality show Welcome to the Neighborhood, in which white conservative Christian families confront potential new neighbors & say bad things like I want a family similar to what we are. This is too bad, because it's important to show that white conservative Christians are hoseheads & the source of most of the world's problems. Here's hoping ABC doesn't get cold feet over these other new reality shows:

Get Off My Dress: Circuit queens in San Francisco's gay ghetto throw a hissy fit when the neighborhood is overrun by 'Normas,' poorly-dressed lesbians - many of them gardeners - with no disposable income.

Hutsi-Tutsi: Amusing neighborhood conflict show set in scenic Rwanda.

Korean BBQ: Inner-city blacks prepare special welcome for recent Asian immigrants & their weird-ass habits, such as eating dogs, driving slow, & having a work ethic.

Miami Uber Alles: City ordinance requires Mexicans & Puerto Ricans to wear special identifying patches so that decent Cubans are not mistaken for peasants.

Blackball! University humanities professors unite to block job applicants who don't parrot their tired old paleoliberal canards.

Pardon-moi! Sophisticated 21st Century Eurowussies lose their heads when they find an army of humorless 12th Century Muslims parking on their lawn.

Take Me to Your Leader: PC Hollywood liberals crash-land in Bible Belt, something they have only read about in science-fiction novels.

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