Tuesday, August 02, 2005

New Ball Park Photos

From the Official St. Louis Cardinals website:

Looking southwest at the new 1st base and right field stands, with current Busch at the right (north) of the photo.

This is the inside of the 3rd baseline stands on the west end of the new ballpark. The seating decks are precast. At the northern edge is the current Busch Stadium, in this photo's background. This is as far as they can go north at the moment until the current Busch is torn down (blown up?) after the end of this season.

Seats are already in the right field stands. This is a photo of the upper two decks of the new ballpark's right field stands as the seats were going in 4 weeks ago.

This is a view of the same area only a deck lower. The actual seats were about to go in on this level, like they have in the deck above.

This is a view from the third level on the southwest corner of the park, looking east toward right field. The black structure being erected will be part of the new scoreboard.

Looking straight up from the right field stands. The roof over these stands is now up.

Looking east at the homeplate (southwest corner) of the new ballpark. There's that highway 40 again on the right of the photo (south). Ugh.

View looking south at the main entrance of the new ballpark on it's western side. The Eads Bridge arches are cool. This will be the third base side. The current Busch is just out of view of the left side of the picture.

Not much time left. I can't believe it is August. Although I am sad they are tearing down the old stadium, this one looks awesome.

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