Thursday, October 13, 2005

And One Last Thing...

What, is she an Astros fan?

What the heck did this woman do?

A lot of scorn and ridicule out there. Piling on. The President asked her to do something. She said "Okay, I'm game."

Let's string her up.

The world is coming to an end. Many souls to be saved. Lots of work to do. And that inbred Bush had to go and nominate this low-life.

Doesn't he understand what is at stake? The world's a mess! And this Supreme Court nomination is THE MOST important thing on God's earth right now.

Doesn't he realize that judges and politicans are our saviors in America. Sure, the Lord is in control. But if we humans don't get this right, America, and therefore, the whole world, will come crashing down.

I am rooting for her just because everyone else isn't. She doesn't have credentials.

In the world I live in, I know lots of people with credentials. And no common sense.

No way she gets confirmed. I know that. But it is my instinct to root for the underdog. So, until she actually says or does something that I am opposed to, I say, "Go Harriet!"

Unless she's an Astros fan. Then throw her to the lions!


  1. Scottie, I actually agree with you. My problem is not with her. My problem is with how George Bush, Karl Rove and James Dobson are acting. I really think that a hole has been exposed in the Religious Right machine. The conservatives in this country are not just blindly following Bush. We want the best nominees. I believe this whole discussion will strengthen the GOP eventually.

  2. I'm glad to hear you "say" that.

    But the thing is, even though your problem is with how George Bush, Karl Rove and James Dobson are acting, it comes across as bashing this woman. Hence my question, what has SHE done so far that deserves all this negative attention?

    At least it comes across that way to me. Maybe that's MY problem.

    Although I realize the world isn't fair, it offends my sense of fairness that she not at least be given a chance to express herself during the nomination process before anyone passes judgment on the nomination itself. If she turns out to be a crank, so be it. But let her expose herself as one before we conclude that.

    One last thought. I find it ironic that some "conservative", strict constitutional scholars would even dare to question the President's nomination. I keep a copy of the constitution in my home, and I do believe that it is the job of only one person to pick Supreme Court judges, and that person is the President. So why do I care what anyone else thinks? He is in the only one given the power in the Constitution, so what some judge or Congressman somewhere thinks of the nomination is completely irrelevant. Because the President has been given the right to do this. It's his choice. No one elses. And he chose this woman. Now it's up to the Senate to do their job. No one elses. We elected him to do this (at least we should have known he was going to pick judges).

    Let the process play out like it is supposed to. I am really interested in what she has to say. The President could pick Jesse Ventura to be on the Supreme Court for all I care. It doesn't matter. That is HIS job, not mine. And it is his prerogative. It's what Presidents "get" to do. And the Senate "gets" to advise and consent.

    But so help me, if I see this woman on camera sitting behind home plate with Bush 41 at Minute Maid Park wearing an Astros cap this weekend, she won't have to say anymore! Then I'll lead the charge to bash away! ; )