Saturday, October 08, 2005

Anyone Else Getting The Strange Feeling...

...That another "curse" is about to be broken at the Cardinals expense? The White Sox curse is older than the Red Sox. And they're looking pretty good as a possible Series opponent for the Cardinals.

If the Cardinals get to the World Series and lose to the White Sox, it is officially time to start campaigning for the Cardinals to get a curse of their own.

We could call it the curse of Lonnie Smith. Or of Keith Hernandez. Both went on to win World Series titles with other teams, after the Cardinals won a title with them both in 1982 and subsequently traded them in 1983 because they were "doped up" out of their minds on cocaine.

How's "The Curse of the Cardinals' Cocaine" sound? Nah, that sounds too Encyclopedia Brown-like.

But consider the following, fellow curse conspirators:

1985- The Cardinals play the World Series without regular left fielder Vince Coleman because a tarp "eats his leg." The Cardinals lose to the Royals in seven games.

1987- The Cardinals play the World Series without two injured regulars, Jack Clark (1B) and Terry Pendleton (3B). Despite a valiant effort, the Cardinals lose to the Twins in seven games.

2001- The Cardinals Mark McGwire is so beat up he has to be PINCH HIT FOR for cryin' out loud, in a tie-ball game. A series deciding ballgame. And the Cardinals end up losing because of little Tony Womack in the bottom of the 9th of that game. And the Diamondbacks go on to win the World Series.

2002- The Cardinals lose their number 2 starter, Darryl Kile. No, not to an injury, but to a
FREAKING untimely death. And the Cardinals lose to the Giants in the NLCS. Top that one, Red or White Sox.

2004- The Cardinals lose their number 1 starter, Chris Carpenter, just before the playoffs start. The Cardinals lose to the Red Sox in the World Series.

2005- The Cardinals lose their starting 3rd baseman for the year. Outcome to be determined.

Think we're not "cursed" ourselves. Think again.

1982 was a long time ago, folks.

Let's do it this year. Reverse the curse. Please?

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