Wednesday, October 05, 2005

As You Read My Blog This Month...

Just remember this, if I screw up more than usual. I'm not sleeping well, my stomach is in knots, the back of my neck is as stiff as an old oak tree trunk, and I'm probably pacing the floor as we speak.

Because it is October. Which means it is time for the MLB playoffs. The season is past. None of it matters now. You just gotta win, baby.

So far, so good. Yesterday's 8-5 win was a good start. It relaxed me for about 12 hours. Now I'm already thinking of tomorrow's game.

I'm nervous due to the expectation of winning. I know I should just enjoy this experience. But it is conceivable that tomorrow's mid-afternoon game could be the last game at Busch Stadium. It will definitely be the last day game.

Eleven wins are necessary to win the title. It's much harder to do than it was 12 years ago. But we already have one win. Only ten to go.


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