Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I'll Be In Self-imposed Exile For Awhile

Due to the NLCS, Scottius Maximus sightings in public will cease. I'll be in my room if you need me, watching this series unfold. Fortunately I'll have my computer close by to blog my exhilaration or frustration.

For me, the world is about to stop.

The ALCS started yesterday. The NLCS starts tonight. I can't believe it is here. The season sure went fast. And believe it or not I'm calm about it.

If there are any teams more deserving to win a title than the Cardinals, it would have to be the Astros and White Sox. That other Chicago team is not more deserving before anyone jumps in (and if you need an explanation, I don't have the time to explain in less than 11 posts). I'm NOT saying they ARE more deserving, because the team that earns it on the field is the one who is deserving in any given year. But I'm speaking historically.

Which is why I am surprisingly calm about the NLCS this year. Don't get me wrong. I want the Cardinals to win. Strongly. But if they don't, I can live with the Astros winning. Historically I have always liked them. They have always conducted themselves with class in victory or defeat, unlike that NL Chicago team. Their rivalry with the Cardinals is very professional. Each team respects the other.

And I also like the White Sox. Always have. They are the blue collar, less popular offering (i.e., red-headed step-child) of Chicago baseball. Easy to root for their success.

The Angels are easy to like also. A lot of good, hard-working players.

For the first time in years, I can honestly say I can live with whoever wins it all.

Which is another reason to like the Angels and White Sox. They tag-teamed the evil Black Jacks, errr...Yankees and Red Sox, into oblivion.

"Red Sox" Black Jack Lanza and "Yankee" Black Jack Mulligan

That being said...the world is about to stop for me. For the next week at least. Hopefully longer.

If anything big happens, like the earth is about to blow up and we're all escaping to another planet or something, please send me a line at

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