Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Sure, It's Quiet In My Room Right Now...

...Because I'm just shell shocked and exhausted. Haven't slept much since King Albert's home run. Pure joy has that effect on me.

...And because I've been around long enough to know not to celebrate before the deed is done. There's way too much work for the Cardinals to do. Let's hope they can do it again. So, you'll see no gloating here. But I have been grinning from ear to ear the past two days.

Mike Shannon pronounced in the 5th, or maybe 6th, inning of Monday night's game that the Cardinals will be heading back to play game six at Busch on Wednesday. He even announced the pregame show will begin at 6:51 p.m. Hence, during his call of Albert's home run, he can be heard yelling "What did I tell you folks!".

This moment in time has all the makings of the single greatest moment in Cardinals history. Albert at the plate, Albert winning the game almost single handedly in the ninth inning (both at the plate and in the field), and Mike Shannon at the mike. More was at stake than with Jack Clark's, Ozzie Smith's, or Mark McGwire's homers.

But only if it is validated with the pennant.

And Busch lives for at least one more game. Now, no matter what happens, we can say good-bye to the stadium properly, because we will know when we have seen that last inning played.

Please pardon me for my silence. I'll just smile for now.

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