Friday, November 25, 2005

All Ye Of The Cast Iron Stomach Club...

The Mighty Katie's Beer has a post on turkey-induced holiday vomiting, which reminded me of my own holiday food poisoning last Christmas. It did make last Christmas memorable. But I definitely could have done without it. A December 23rd Christmas breakfast at work, starring egg casserole (which was mighty tasty I might add), was my downfall.

I had not vomited since 1972 until that fateful night last year. A vomit streak of 32 years. Which begs the question- what's the longest anyone has gone without vomiting, i.e., what is the longest vomit streak in your life?


  1. Mine will be 30 years next month, but you can see here for a lot of them:

  2. I am the 12/19/05 poster. I have now gone over 33 years, so I can honestly say my streak is longer than yours (was).