Thursday, November 10, 2005

Hold On A Sec, My Cell Phone Is Ringing And It Might Be Important

How 'bout them Irishters?

Seriously, I would have thought it would be Americans who'd take their cell phones with them to the grave.

So, does this mean when the trumpet sounds, and we come out of the grave to meet the Lord in the air, there may actually be some of us carrying cell phones? PLEASE say it ain't so. It's hard to imagine cell phones in heaven. But if there are, then I pray one thing- no telemarketers.

And since we all have to appear before the judgment seat of Christ, can you imagine the looks you'd get if you forgot to turn it off...and it started ringing? Yikes.

Notes to self-
Pray more.
Believe the gospel.
Do not get buried with cell phone.


  1. The classic line: other people are just scared of waking up in the coffin, so they’re bringing it along just in case.

    Oh, that is so me!!!

  2. In my prayers tonight, I'll remember you- "TK needs to not be buried alive"- or something like that.