Friday, December 02, 2005

Cardinals News

I love December! Not because of Christmas, or shopping, or snow and cold. But because the MLB rumor machine gets cranked up to its highest intensity! Who doesn't love to gossip?!

AJ Burnett is reportedly close to signing with the Cardinals. He's from Arkansas originally, which is strong Cardinals country, and the Cardinals were "his team" growing up. And a blockbuster trade is reportedly in the works to bring Phillies slugging outfielder Bobby Abreu (remember the All-Star home run derby last year) to St. Lou. Or possibly Rangers 2B Alfonso Soriano.

All, some, or none of this may happen. But just thinking about it brings some excitement to a baseball-less environment.

And here's an artist's rendering of what the new stadium will look like from the air when the whole complex is completed. Kind of cool, considering the dust and trash look now in existence at the site. Learn to love it folks. It's now home.

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