Saturday, December 17, 2005

Five "Random" Facts

Okay, I'm game, I think.

I've been tagged by Katie's Beer. Where the term "tag" comes from is beyond my knowledge base, but I think it has something to do with deer hunting.

I'm supposed to give you 5 "random" facts about me. I'm not sure what constitutes "random" facts. If it means the first 5 things that pop in your head, then here they are:
- I shower every day.
- I use Old Spice deodorant.
- I love pizza.
- Even my nose hairs are turning gray.
- I tend to procrastinate, but not as bad as when I was younger.

But that's not so exciting.

So here are five not-so-random facts about me:

1- I have achieved the coveted hole-in-one in golf.
During July of 2000. And it abolutely killed my interest in golf. I had started playing again 3 years before, and although I wasn't real good, I at least didn't embarrass myself. But after the hole in one, I figured, what was the point? I'm never going to get a thrill like that again from playing. I golfed my last game in October 2001. Now I enjoy gardening.

2- I'm a huge fan of the music of Led Zeppelin.
Many people consider them just a rock 'n roll band. But that is out of ignorance. Blues, country, Celtic, rockabilly, and folk were all comfortable genres for the band. And I love the LOTR references.

3- My friends and I made a 20 minute movie after graduating high school.
Mostly out of boredom, I guess. It was called "The Lazarus Theory", and I played the lead, a spy named Wade Fogel. We just made the whole thing up. We used an ordinary home movie camera, which didn't have sound capability. So we improvised, having a narrator of the action instead. This was 1981. No one had heard of a camcorder back then. We finished shooting it, developed the film, and showed it to a small group of invitees at a store one of us worked at after hours. After that, we got a write up in the local paper.

4- I grew up in a neighborhood that has produced one college professor, two Harvard law school graduates, a physician, and an administrator of Los Alamos National Laboratory.
As in, I grew up with these people. As in, they all lived in houses within 100 yards of my house. Must have been the water. Actually, I am one of the above. Can you guess which one?

(Even though I was once a professor at the SEC's finest, the University of Kentucky (go Cats!) and also at Illinois' finest, Southern Illinois University (go Salukis!), the college professor I am speaking of above is not me. I had to get out of those places before my head exploded. It wasn't as much the liberalism inherent in academia as it was the meetings, administrators, and committees. YUCK!)

5- Even though this blog may be evidence to the contrary, I am in my "right mind."
You see, I am left-handed. A lefty. Southpaw. Whatever. I don't do everything left handed, however. I eat and use scissors with my right hand. But I write, throw, bat, play golf, and do just about everything else left handed.

I guess that's 10 facts. Forgive me.


  1. LOTR References? Ah yes, I see that they guy on the left front looks like a skinny Peter Jackson.
    Sorry - I did a lot of slow dancing to "Stairway to Heaven" but don't know all their names.

  2. That guy on the left is Peter Jackson's brother. Although never credited, "Stairway to Heaven" was based on Peter Jackson's original rendition, "Hallway to Gimli's Beard."

    For the actual record, beginning in the upper left and moving clockwise, that's John Bonham, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, and Jimmy Page.