Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Completely Useless Question Of The Day

This is pointless, but being the Curious George sort of guy I am, I have to ask.

If you're on a web page, and want to quickly scroll down to the bottom of the page, scanning it for something, anything, as you go...

A) Do you hit the wheelie-thing on your mouse and let the page "auto scroll" down?
B) Do you keep your cursor/arrow on the page and use the wheelie-thing on your mouse to spin your way to the bottom?
C) Do you move your arrow over to the scroll bar and spin your way down?
D) Do you move your arrow over the scroll bar track and click your way down?

"I'm a clicker, I must say."


  1. I'm old and suffer from too-much-mouse syndrome. Actually I'm not old, but I use a mouse too much, at work and at home, and have had to learn to economize. I generally stick to the up and down arrows.

  2. It depends whether I am currently primarily using the keyboard or a primary using the mouse (as when eating lunch). Most of the time I (B) use the wheely thing - unless the web page turns out to be obscenely long - then I hit the "Page Down" repeatedly, and, in a moment of frustration, the "End" key.

  3. I've never used the up and down arrows, or the page down or end keys to explore.

    (Note to self:
    Spend weekend practicing new moves)