Saturday, January 14, 2006

Couldn't David Eckstein Say, "I'm Not Playing There With Those Things In The Way"?

Potential controversy in Cardinals Land? Photos below courtesy of KMOV- thanks people.

New photos from Busch III show two buildings on the playing field, one behind second base and one in the patrol area of Cardinals shortstop David Eckstein. I question the wisdom of putting such buildings there. I mean, doesn't anyone else see the potential for injury here? Perhaps a little letter writing campaign will lead the architects to reconsider. Will you help?

Nice pictures of the stadium's newly completed sign on the southwest corner of the stadium (homeplate corner- try to ignore highway 40 on the right):

Looking north from this corner up the street (3rd base side):

Entering field boxes behind homeplate, looking northeast. Nice view, but I hope it does not distract too much from the baseball being played:

Giant new rightfield scoreboard work continues:

Views from under the right field scoreboard, looking back west toward homeplate and then across to the northwest to the left field side of the stadium, where major construction continues on the stands themselves.

Some decorative art on the outside of the stadium. I'm just not sure whereabouts it is yet:

Inside the new stadium. It appears to me the area to walk around is more than twice as wide as in the old Busch.

A view of a new concession stand. Those two hungry guys are going to be mighty disappointed, 'cause it ain't open yet. Dolts!

Inner work on the concession stand:

New red (of course) seats. Love the cup holders! But what about the two fisted drinker?

Verdict so far? I love it! Except for the infield buildings. I wonder if they'll sell tickets there?

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