Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Hey, Clark, Let's Order Some Of Them History Channel Videos!

Why does the History Channel take us for a bunch of doofuses (or is it doofi?)?

Last night I caught a glimpse of the Lincoln documentary they have been advertising the past month. You know, the one where Lincoln fought two wars, one was in his head.

I'm sorry I missed almost the whole thing. But at the end they did their usual adverstisement thing. The one where the announcer says you can own a copy of the show you just watched for $29.99.

Now I may look like an idiot, but even I know I just got through watching the exact same show for FREE. Okay, not exactly free, it does cost me a few cents a month to subscribe. And like everything else on cable, this show will be rerun and rerun. So, for the cost of a blank videotape, or for nothing if I have one of those digital recording devices on my satellite receiver, I CAN ALREADY OWN a copy of this. And save $29.99.

Obviously there are people out there buying these things or they wouldn't keep doing it. Has anyone bought one, or know of anyone, who has done this?

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