Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Chronicles Of Jupiter (FL): The Lion, The Man In Black, And The Homeless Pitcher

With apologies to C.S. Lewis, here's something to get you excited, something to make you do a double take, and something to make you laugh.

Just to to get you excited...and make the rest of the league whimper...look at who's showed up early at Spring Training. Here he is...The Lion. El Hombre, Albert Pujols, himself. Please be careful, and don't get hurt. Hat tip thank you to Cards Clubhouse for the photos.

Yadi and Pujols take the field.

Don't look now but do the Cardinals have a new manager? Yeah. I think his name is Johnny Cash, or something. Actually, that is LaRussa standing back there, doing his Man in Black impression, I guess.

But the funniest picture of all has to be the following one of outfielder John Gall. What on earth is going on here? Insert your own caption.

All I can say is, I think the veterans left the rookie with the bar tab again, and he couldn't cover it. I saw him at the Cardinals Caravan in January. I would have slipped him a sawbuck if I had known his situation.

To see a few posters on Cards Clubhouse tell it, the Cardinals must be the only team in the big leagues who has a Homeless Pitcher.

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